“Outsiders”: Compare Contrast Movie to Book Essay

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My own view on things has changed a whole lot since I read this book. A movie, a death, a church and friendship, “The Outsiders” experience it all.

A tale of brotherhood, friendship, associated with a tough, a boy fantastic friend will be caught within a murder, they have to escape form getting caught by the law enforcement officials, and so they run away, starting their particular journey of friendship and hardships. After reading the novel and watching the movie I noticed a few differences, I’ll start with Ponyboy, in the novel pony youngster is slammed by his brother, however in the movie, he’s pushed, I do think the stars couldn’t imitation the slap or desired to harm the actors, this difference wasn’t very great it took away some of the episode.

Another difference is that inside the movie it almost always ends shortly after Dally’s death and in the book a lot takes place after that; it was a very bad change to the film, like pony young man breaking the a glass was absolutely a point that made the novel more pleasant. One likeness in the book and novel is the fact in the two he reduces his curly hair and dyes it blonde. Johnny also had several differences in the novel in addition to the film in the book Johnny is definitely jumped and has a significant scar around his cheek; in the film it isn’t very noticeable. This big difference is good as it would catch the attention of a lot of attention rather than the viewer centering on other things.

In the movie and novel this individual has his jean jacket that he wears during much of the film. There is also Linger; dawdle still has his outlaw appearance of his troublemaker personal, this was very important the publication and film. Also in the book he robs a drugstore, but in film production company he takes a book and rips up then scares the cashier then operates away, it was an alright change, this did not produce a lot of difference, probably the movie director thought it would stir up some more actions. Some occasions also had their differences, in one of the chapel scenes; Ponyboy and Johnny try to get a bunny in the film version, in the novel version there was no bunny catching.

The movie might have needed something more, aside from the boring common church views. This change was very good because it added some laughter. During the rumble scene inside the novel, each uses weapons inside the fight, in the movie, that showed nobody using a system, perhaps the overseer wanted to depict it as being a more of a reasonable fight, to make the victorious succeed more enjoyable with no cheating. This kind of change was difficult to determine whether it was good or bad it was a fairly neutral change for me.

During the hospital scene in which Ponyboy meets with Darry and Sodapop, in the new it was a really emotional moment, complete with cry, but in the movie, it was simply a very brotherly hug it was a little while until away the emotion, possibly the actors could hardly cry at the right place. The Outsiders was a book about three siblings fighting to be together as a family and certainly not go into orphanage. A Story of Brotherhood, about sticking with each other through good and bad, Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade, two friends that made it through. After examining the book and the film, this has been a really exiting experience for me as well as for many others.

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