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Overlapping Tasks in OT and REHABILITATION

Evaluation of Overlapping Duties in Occupational and Physical Therapy

Occupational experienced therapist (OT) generally work in a team environment with other medical professionals including physical therapists (PT), rns, speech counselors, and mental health professionals. As a result of similarity between occupational and physical therapy, the duties of both professions frequently terme conseillé. The part of the occupational therapist since defined by American Work-related Therapy Relationship (AOTA) may be the therapeutic make use of purposeful actions or affluence to promote confident health results, prevent damage and impairment, and maximize development. Interventions incorporated by simply OT services may include the adaptation of skills, and manipulation in the environment to enhance mobility, efficiency, independence, as well as the quality of life. Treatment performed by simply occupational counselors focuses on the advance of actions of daily living including oral hygiene, toileting, grooming, and more (Punwar Peloquin, 2000). Work-related therapists make use of purposeful activities including designs, games, and other activities to attain desired restorative outcomes. In addition , they make use of a wide range of clientele including people with mental illness, autism, and also other disabilities (Institute for Job Research, 2007). A PT uses exercise, massage, and mechanical interventions to increase the mobility, function, and independence of their clientele. Although the treatment goals of both careers are similar, work-related and physical therapists use different healing approaches to achieve their targets.

Although OT and REHABILITATION providers will vary job explanations, they carry out similar responsibilities in many healthcare settings. Usually, there is a division of labor between both vocations. Occupational practitioners focus all their treatments within the area over a navel, and physical counselors assist consumers in bettering motor function below the navel. Because many interventions performed by occupational and physical therapists connect with activities of daily living, all their duties often overlap. For example , an OT will frequently help a client with problems related to toileting or perhaps transferring coming from a bath seat to the bathtub more effectively. Assistance with these responsibilities is also performed by the physical therapist (Institute for Career Research, 2007). Problems happen in the teamwork approach of countless managed proper care facilities because PT and OT practioners claim similar areas of treatment as their specialist domain. Additionally , overlapping duties are problematic for OT providers as a result of third party payment, Medicare, and Medicaid, and duplication of services. In line with the

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