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The Painting Music by Philip Evergood is most definitely one of my all-time favorite works of art. The piece of art has a lot of rich hues and dynamic shapes. It literally allows you to feel like you had been sitting both in the same room as the people inside the painting or even even playing music along with these people. I think that what Philip Evergood was trying to complete with this painting was a feeling of unity through music and I believe that he do an outstanding work of showing this. He made a great hard work to show the diversity in the subjects. This individual shows older guys, young men, black men, light men, older women, young women white-colored women, and black women. He uses his concept of the music to show incredible concentration.

One other issue that I specifically liked regarding the portrait was the reality you could practically feel the kind of music becoming played with this modest area. You actually obtain a feel to get the time period and just by being capable to see the details in the people clothing and expressions on the website face there are some things here that screams brighten. In additional research I found that Evergood was without a doubt a jazz fan and the time period 1933- 1959 really does indeed make it a possibility that jazz was your music these individuals were playing.

I actually especially like how Evergood incorporated several instruments in his work. Another link to punk in my opinion. He has an ridiculous amalgamation of horns and brass and drums and violins. This individual has not only portrayed the diversity of music and people but he has shown the unity in music and i believe that this was his primary theme and i also believe that it could possibly not have been executed even more beautifully by any other musician at any different time.

In the theme of oneness and his capability to express this so well to his genuine painting approach I believe that Evergood features accomplished something that so many performers reach for. This individual has provided his painting life. He has shown there is a direct meaning behind designs in his painting. Themes that are not so much concealed but more or less right in the face, willing to be taken in. The confronts of each of his characters are wonderfully detailed for the point that you could almost inform what it is that each person can be feeling.

I will definitely be trying to find more works done by Philip Evergood because of his warm inviting shades and curves that this individual puts in the work. He is truly a grasp at getting subjects to our lives. I absolutely love this portrait and I believe that he has portrayed his intentions superbly through his work.

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