Panera Bread Essay

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Panera Loaf of bread is a across the country known eatery that provides high quality foods within a sophisticated atmosphere. Panera Breads is in the type of bakery-café.

They will decided to established themselves aside from eateries including McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King. The stores include very romantic settings and Wi-Fi. Panera Bread focuses primarily on a variety refreshing baked bread and food options pertaining to the health conscience customer.

SWOT Analysis Advantages •Panera Loaf of bread is known countrywide and this helps to attract customers. •Panera Breads has an range of fresh breads and meal offerings to allow those that are health mind. •Panera Breads moved past the fast food marketplace and chosen to offer premium quality, premium foodstuff to the customers. •The overall ambience of the eatery gives a romantic, at home feel that makes the consumer want •Scott Davis, older vice president and chief strategy office had a clear perspective of the way Panera Bread would consider and an obvious strategy of how to achieve that goal. Weakness •The eatery gives premium, fast dining and the prices might appear to be on the higher end to customers. •Panera Bread will not be able to improve the frequency of which customers dine at the eatery. •In in an attempt to enter as a franchise, Panera Bread provides a very tight list of requirements that makes it challenging to qualify.

Possibilities •Panera Loaf of bread can cease the opportunity to present their refreshing baked bread in supermarkets or offer their breads in store to customers. •Panera Bread has the opportunity to offer a lower end eating experience. This lower end chain will appeal to customers who cannot afford and pricey meal to get the relatives. Threats •Panera Bread’s immediate competition is definitely fast-casual restaurants. •The change in the economy features affected how often individuals and families get outside of the house to dine.

Alternatives 1 ) Offer Panera Bread’s signature dough and bread to local grocery stores or intended for sell at the Panera stores. 2 . Introducing a lower industry restaurant. a few. Make coming into the operation easier by looking into making the criteria to qualify significantly less strict. Discussion of Alternatives Alternate 1: Advantages: Offering their dough to buy by buyers has the probability of generate more revenue intended for the company. It will also introduce the Panera Bread brand in to households of these who have not visited the restaurant.

Cons: The cost to produce the fresh cash to consumers may go over the overall gain to the organization. Alternative 2: Pros: Presenting an alternate chain to charm to a low income customer base can expand the customer base. With all the present express of the economic system, families are discovering it hard to consume out particularly when the prices happen to be high. Disadvantages: This particular substitute detours the business from their very clear goal.

With so many affordable eateries, Panera Bread aims to set itself apart from the other folks. Alternative several: Pros: Reducing the criteria would make entry inside the franchise much easier. This will allow for much more Panera Loaf of bread stores to spread out. Cons: Reducing the criteria might deteriorate the stability of the franchise.

The rigid criteria guarantee the overall achievement of the operation. Recommendations Panera Bread might benefit most by teaming up with grocery stores to supply clean baked Panera Bread. Although the company on its own does not provide frozen loaf of bread, it may be smart to offer the iced dough for customers to purchase.

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