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Parent-Child Accessory

It is now more popular by specialists that the first few years of a child’s activities are crucial in her subsequent personality and behavioral advancement. The most important aspect in this kind of regard is a child’s relationship with her parents inside the formative years. The recognition of this simple fact has led to the development of the “attachment theory” that focuses on the importance of your close parent-child relationship to promote a balanced, caring and trustful individual – so essential for the progression of a healthy society. This essay gives a brief review of the “parent-child attachment theory” and outlines the importance.

Various people have performed research in parent-child attachment during the last 59 years. Dominant names one of them are Ruben Bowlby, Mary Ainsworth and William Pep boys. (Nix 2005) Bowlby, considered to be the father of the attachment theory, believed that most infants might become “attached” to their care-givers regardless of the kind of care they receive – whether the care received was abusive, responsive, or inconsistent. However , the quality of the attachment determines into a large extent the child’s foreseeable future behavior as well as the way your woman relates to others in her future lifestyle. Those children, who receive “responsive, inch “consistent” and “compassionate” proper care in the first few years of their lives, understand the world as being a safe and secure place; they are trustful of others and because of this trust, they are not really afraid to venture out by themselves to explore the community around them. Because of this, children with had “quality” attachment with their parents, develop self-confidence, include a abundant variety of experiences in their lives, and develop successful human relationships with others. On the other hand, all who have insensitive, sporadic, and violent attachments with the parents are more likely to develop a deep-rooted mistrust worldwide or a great “attachment disorder” leading to pathological and anti-social behavior. (Breazeale, 2001)

Building on the operate of Bowlby, Mary Ainsworth devised a procedure, called The Strange Scenario, to observe connection relationships between a mother and child. Her observations led her to rank children on such basis as their form of attachment including “secure, ” “anxious-ambivalent, inch “anxious-avoidant” or “disorganized. inches According

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