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Intestines Cancer

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Patient Guide to the Cyberspace


Mr. Atkins, 64, arrives at a healthcare facility with his wife complaining that he has not had a intestinal movement in over a week, and that he features significant soreness in his abdomen. Mr. Atkins diet has an MRI which shows a significant congestion in his colon. Surgery is suggested and when this really is completed Mister. Atkins is usually told that he provides colon cancer and a mass was removed from his colon along with eight inches with the diseased appendage. It is then relayed that the cancer has additionally metastasized to his liver organ. The Atkins diet are maqui berry farmers who have very little to do with computers other than looking at weather reports. That they both would like to learn about the diagnosis and what can be done, good results . their limited knowledge of the net ask a nurse to get help.

The sufferer is very encouraged to learn how to use the internet ones own his wife because, as they relate, they may have never taken anything “lying down. ” He is not really ready to give up yet. The nurse notifies them that we now have many strategies that can help all of them, and foretells the Atkins’ about their understanding of the internet. The Atkins acknowledge that they even have difficulty using their email at times, and only know how to get weather reports because it is in what their particular son calls their homepage. Their child is able to make them if they will get trapped.


The nurse explains to the Atkins diet that there are hundreds if not thousands of websites that claim to offer reliable health information. To wade through this mass of possible trustworthy information, she presents associated with a list of conditions that they ought to use to measure the websites.

The organization that runs the website and who will pay for the information posted are both important. If the site has a. com designation it can be funded by a drug firm with an agenda. Most reliable sites will have been funded by NIH or possibly a reputable analysis institution including the Mayo Medical clinic. The NIH designation will be. gov.

Try to find original supply material it does not have a hyperlink back to an additional site. A few sites simply want to have eyes on their webpages for advertising functions. It is better to use the site that originally printed the information.

An online site should also provide two things which have been of the maximum importance. Mcdougal of the part should be a credentialed professional and should designate this in their bio piece. The content itself must also have links or recommendations to research that prove the accuracy of the information.

It is important to check the date that the details was

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