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patient was admitted due to a broken hip which required a total hip replacement (THR). This personal injury has needed two weeks of in-hospital rehab to this point, and Mr. Trosak will probably need to know more physical rehab to completely cure the injury. Since you will find secondary problems (such like a loss of cognitive function (text, 462)) after a fall, it can be necessary to monitor MR. Trosak. The slipping incident can also reoccur due to the fact that the patient lives on the second floor of his apartment building. It can be necessary to make sure that Mr. Trosak understands the chance of a recurrence, and that he provides sufficient assistance.

Prior to staying hospitalized pertaining to the fall season, Mr. Trosak was not choosing any prescription medicine, and he has not a new physical exam for more than 10 years. While admitted, the patient was found to have chronic hypertension, which is currently being controlled with medication , and he was as well diagnosed with non-insulin dependent diabetes. Due to these types of conditions, Mr. Trosak is required to take daily medications which also need to be monitored. The two Mr. Trosak and his family members did not show concern about the necessity to take the medication daily. This is a concern seeing that both of these circumstances can result in the patient having further medical issues. Mr. Trosak’s ability to take the medicine at the prescribed time and staying daily according to administration should be monitored also.

Another concern that is crucial from a healthcare perspective is Mister. Trosak’s capacity to attend sessions and take care of himself independently. Mr. Trosak’s child and daughter-in-law have intensive work schedules which usually would make it difficult for them to give the care which the patient might require. The patient has freedom issues which in turn would make hard for him to equally navigate problems in his everyday life, and achieve necessary health care appointments independently.

A group of healthcare professionals needs to be put in place including all of the important components for Mr. Trosak’s continued recovery. A personal medical professional who can keep an eye on the medicine and provide important post-hospitalization treatment is necessary because Mr. Trosak nor his family are able to provide this function. Since the patient has not had a regular physician for more than ten years, you need to help him build a romantic relationship with someone who he trusts in this function. Mr. Trosak will also need to continue to enroll in rehabilitation visits. Although there is a few debate about the efficacy of rehabbing after a THR (Vanwanseele, 2009), it is still thought to be the preferred course of action. Mr. Trosak has never before had range of motion issues and this means that he needs understand what he can and cannot carry out safely. Likewise, it is necessary that he still rehab the leg because of his living situation. As he comes from a second ground apartment it is necessary for him to have better mobilbity. Mr. Trosak may also need a social worker or nurse case manager to assist him understand the required meetings and assets available to him. It is difficult for any person to be aware of all that can be bought to these people when they become disabled, as well as the case director could still monitor every facets of Mister. Trosak’s attention to ensure that it is optimum intended for his recovery.

Since retaining the people safety features primary importance, a realistic assessment is necessary. Looking at the safety analysis there are two main concerns which present themselves regarding release placement. The apartment

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