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Excerpt via Case Study:

PC Requirements for Mini-Office Users

This kind of paper provides summary of user requirements and a PC Requirements table to get mini-office users. In addition , this identifies the user type and PC groups that are advised. Furthermore, dining tables identifying and containing the hardware and software requirements for you are layed out in the daily news.

User Type and LAPTOP OR COMPUTER Specification Summary

The user key in this case examine is an IT-based organization; Computers R’Us. James is a manager on the firm; your small business which uses PCs to create products and services including business cards, wedding ceremony cards and advertisements to get various consumers. This firm employs 20 or so people to aid in managing many subscales in the business. In addition , the firm engages in part time deejay work in local clubs and eating places and provides products including audio and video music compact hard disk drives. The Personal computers are used to down load music in the disks and customized as per user needs, schedule daily work applications and enter business arrays.

The company requires 5 new desktop computers because the current computers happen to be slow and possess limited storage capacity. The DSL is gradual when used with the LAPTOP OR COMPUTER and the organization wants a PC that may be compatible with the new software program; virtual deejay they will intend to acquire. Thus, desktop computers are perfect for the firm simply because can multitask and do not require constant going once put into the areas.

Table you: Hardware Table

Type of Unit

User Need Met

Input Devices

Computer keyboard

Creating documents and calendars for organizing work for staff and deejay job.

Mouse button

Creating documents and calendars for organizing work for staff and deejay job.

Mic and VIDEO GRAPHICS ARRAY Adapter cards

Creating, croping and editing and writing audio and video data files.

Output Gadgets

Multi-Function gadget

Printing files, CD brands and work schedules.


Exhibits results during creation of documents for easy editing.

Storage space Devices

Display memory cards

Storing and backing up the firm’s entire music library. Storing files requiring producing and copy to others PCs.

Usb thumb drive

Storing and backing up the firm’s whole music library. Storing documents requiring printing and copy to others PCs.

Different Peripheral Gadgets


Creating documents, faxing customers and suppliers and photocopying solutions.


Found in creating data files for mailing via the Internet and calendars intended for scheduling function.

(PCs N. Dreams, 2012 )

Desk 2: System Unit Features Table

Cpu: Intel Pentium 4, clock 2 . 4 GHz

This kind of processor will be better the computer systems functioning allowing for multitasking.


An increased MEMORY will permit PCs execute several functions concurrently on their computers. SDRAM has more speed than ordinary RAM;

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