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Winston Churchill’s reaction to the 1938 Munich Agreement was

to advise Neville Chamberlain that warfare was inescapable.

Japanese people aggression toward China and Russia in the 1930s is quite closely associated with the concept of


At the time of Hitler’s 1939 invasion of Poland, the united states had a policy of


What prompted the Munich Conference of 38?

Hitler’s objective to take power over part of Czechoslovakia

Just how did the Munich Agreement affect Germany’s actions in the Czech location of the Sudetenland?

It led Germany to invade and occupy the rest of Czechoslovakia.

Which from the following was Germany allowed to keep under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles?

a position army

Shortly after the Munich Agreement gave Philippines the Sudetenland, Hilter occupied


Which with the following finest describes the aftermath with the 1938 Munich Agreement?

Hitler had the confidence to launch even more invasions of European countries.

During the thirties the United States implemented a foreign coverage of isolationism.

Which can be the best sort of that plan?

avoiding units with other nations around the world

Just how did the Destroyers for Bases contract of 1940 help The uk?

It helped Britain maintain its vital supply lines.

Which with the following was a reason the adopted a plan of isolationism before Ww ii?

the large quantity of American casualties in World Battle I

Passage in the Lend-Lease Act in 1941 signaled

the conclusion of American neutrality in World Conflict II.

Why would the 1939 cash-and-carry change to the Neutrality Acts prefer Britain over Germany?

Great britain had a bigger fleet of ships to carry hands than Australia.

Reasons the Neutrality Acts were revised to allow cash-and-carry in the 1930s was

because fascism was gaining ground in Europe.

What would the Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of Great Great britain speak to Our elected representatives about in 1941?

enhancing wartime creation for the Allies

How do the Gross National Merchandise (GNP) in the US change between 1940 and 1944?

It much more than doubled.

What influence did the development of the atomic bomb have upon World War II?

Following the US decreased atomic bombs on two major urban centers in The japanese, Japan surrendered.

The was called the Arsenal of Democracy because

It provided supplies for the Allied conflict effort, not merely the US work.

How did the computer ENIAC help the battle effort?

This did complex calculations had to accurately flames artillery.

What was an effect of the ALL OF US increase in creation during World War II?

It offered the Allies the advantage to win the war

Which of the following ideal describes the state of the US economic climate in 1939?

The US economic climate was in a depression.

What do President Roosevelt do to aid minorities during World War II?

He banned discrimination in federal government hiring.

What types of armed service jobs did women consume World War II?

air flow traffic control jobs

Propaganda posters painted an unrealistic photo of battle because they will showed

just happy persons, not persons suffering or perhaps dying

A reason that some items were scarce during World War II was that the war

cut-off access to particular resources.

How would braceros ensure that the war hard work?

They helped meet labor shortages to get industry.

How did entertainers affect the government’s Ww ii propaganda campaign?

They offered enlistment and other patriotic actions.

US war bonds helped the war efforts by

lending money for the government.

Gasoline was rationed during World War II because

it was in short supply.

Which usually of the following best identifies the Nisei 442nd Regimental Combat Staff?

It consisted mostly of Japanese immigrants.

Just how did Leader Truman’s Exec Order 9981 show progress toward ethnic equality?

The order finished segregation in the military.

Which of the following ideal describes what World War II logement faced when they returned house?

property damage and elegance

During World War II, the government sent persons of Japanese people ancestry to internment camps based on

whether they lived in an exclusion sector.

During World War II, how did the policy of internment impact people of Japanese ancestry in the United States?

They were forced to relocate to assemblage centers.

Which from the following greatest describes 1 reason that thousands of Japan Americans voluntarily joined the united states military during World War II?

to exhibit their dedication to the ALL OF US

James Korematsu argued that internment was out of constitute mainly because logement

did not receive due process.

Just how did Many involvement in World War II impact competition relations in the military?

Persons of different backgrounds made significant contributions to the war work, which prompted racial incorporation in the armed forces.

An adverse economic effect of World War II was

huge failures in cultivation.

Which in turn of the next events occurred in May 1945?

the A language like german surrender

As they moved toward their very own final armed service targets on planet War II, Allied troops

discovered Fascista concentration camps.

After World War II, for what reason did the Soviet Union take over a number of countries to its west?

to create a barrier zone among itself plus the Western powers

The international peacekeeping organization formed directly after World War II was called

the United Nations.

During World War II, the last look at by the Germans to stop the Allied advance on the european front happened

at the Challenge of the Pooch.