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In 2018, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) has set a regular that every community university in Malaysia is necessary to upgrade the application of Massive Available Online Programs (MOOC) to 20% out of all courses offered in the organizations. In polytechnics specifically, MOHE has targeted 40% with the total number of students to use MOOC through 70 programs offered beginning 2018. Therefore, MOOC has received wide advertising that many organizations are investing on it in order to create independent learning among all of their students. As well, lecturers are usually involved in making sure the success of online learning including MOOC is usually fulfilled. With all the introduction of MOOC among the list of English lecturers of polytechnics in Malaysia, it is expected that the lecturers’ teaching practice with the element of automated recommendations could be improved and improved for the betterment of English Vocabulary education. With this research, Technology Acceptance Unit (TAM) is utilized in order to find from the recognized usefulness and ease of use of the MOOC among the list of English Dialect lecturers in one of the polytechnics positioned in the east coast of Malaysia. The finding implies that the lecturers indicated positive feedbacks towards MOOC. Yet , concerns had been still located among them if perhaps MOOC is employed in the future, masking all matters in the English language Language subject matter. Therefore , the usage of MOOC among the list of lecturers ought to be encouraged even more to develop a much better understanding and openness of MOOC for English terminology education.


Technology has been employed for so many years in education. Technology enables its consumer to become more independent and aggressive in locating knowledge. Within the past few years, Significant Open Online Courses (MOOC) has received special attention in the education world. The unlimited boundaries of knowledge-searching have absolutely made MOOC as one of the options in learning and teaching on the net as it is an online learning training course that is open freely. However are many difficulties in establishing MOOC into the education globe, one dominant challenge comes from the Key Efficiency Indicators (KPI) set by Ministry better Education of Malaysia (MOHE). As MOOC Malaysia is the Ministry’s priority agenda underneath Surge 9: Globalized On the web Learning within the Malaysian Education Development Plan (Higher Education) 2015-2025, MOHE has declared that beginning 2018, every community university in Malaysia is necessary to upgrade the usage of MOOC to at least 20% in the whole programs offered. The KPI set by the ministry is a minimum of two Basic Education Topics must be used and happy by the learners using MOOC. Specifically, to get polytechnics, MOHE has targeted 40% coming from all polytechnic learners to have utilized MOOC through 70 programs offered starting 2018. One of many subjects selected is DUE3012, Communicative The english language.

Though online learning is always while using acceptance through the students, not many of us pay attention to the struggle the educators need to face when you use these on the web teaching strategies. The effects on pedagogical practice will be huge and at the same time, they provide a brand new method inside the teaching method among the teachers. With the introduction of very long lists of technology to get education, MOOC might seem to be another program to highlight the use of technology in teaching. The perceptions of identifying the usage and recognizing the functions of MOOC has become a never-ending guard the teachers. Thus, it is not necessarily clear how familiar the educators happen to be with MOOC concept, the technology employed and how it may be beneficial and functioned in teaching.

Another place that should be deemed is the advertising automated instructions to the educators that allows pertaining to connections between your educators as well as the learners, consequently filling in the gap over the teaching-learning procedure. Automated teaching is a process where the content material is offered to learners using a preprogrammed automated program rather than through a live teacher (Cook, 1964). This provides space for the two educators and students in working with the teaching-learning process. At the same time, self-centered learning that has been offered to learners is achieved.

This kind of research interest would be in the studying the acceptance training online by making use of MOOC. The result would be helpful in promoting and supporting educating methods using the MOOC, pertaining to the educators to be more open and ready in using technology in instructing.

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