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There are three working theories the Time Traveller developed after his

trip to the distant future. The first is the laziness of what human-kind offers

become. The second reason is the split between the classes, below surface and over

it. The third is based on just how human progression had gone to its starting

point. The glorification of technology is usually not the answer to the utopian

life most of us seek.

The 1st theory from the laziness of human-kind is

unfolding today. We develop more and more dependant upon devices to nourish, clothe

wash, groom, cure, and amuse our requirements. We think our company is in a

scientifically superior instances, but if one takes away electricity, we are

in the dark ages. The people with the year 802, 700 absence any sense of travel or

inspiration due to devoid of any complications at all. The Eloi enjoy everyday

with no care in the world. The only aspect in their community that is challenging

is the darkness the provides hiding for the wicked Morlocks.

The second theory

about the near future is of the division of the classes. This individual believes that in the

foreseeable future the people in the earth segregated into beneath ground and above

floor states of living. The significant class existed deep inside the earth much

like in the movie City, while the owners lived previously mentioned ground free to

live life to its fullest. It is from this working hypothesis that the long term

developed in this way, thus labels the Morlocks as operating class and

the Eloi as the owners. Centuries of a divided society

could conceivably derive from this. The ultimate theory can be how progression has come

back again upon by itself.

The Morlocks got the Eloi. The Time Traveller

saw just how humans grew lazy by having not any challenges/problems. Sooner or later

there most likely was a period when the classes went under and previously mentioned ground, nonetheless they

all grew so dependant upon the machines to address their universe that

business and national politics became obsolete. Then when the machines cannot feed

them(Morlocks) anymore, that they turned to what is most primal in all individuals, the

means to survive by way of eating whatever(Eloi) is around. In a way, corporations

use or prey upon the weak whether it be through Advertising or Sales.

Corporations make it through off of people money, and they’ll get it from normal

control or conning people who seem venerable like Senior Citizens.


future seems to be hopeless through the eye of the Time Traveler. The world

is shaped by the fallen ruins of what seems to be a great utopian contemporary society. The

irony is that household are playing no operate and no problems, they become

dull and fragile. They also take it one other step to cannibalism once their

great machines are unable to do all the work for them. It can be apparent the fact that world

all of us live in is definitely guided and measured simply by how each of our technology developments us. Technology

is not an evil issue.

It helps us remedy new illnesses, etc . Our development will need to

not the actual theory of letting our technology exceed our humankind, but

permitting our humankind to surpass our technology.


You will discover three working theories enough time Traveler developed upon his

visit to the distant future. The first is the laziness of what human-kind has

become. The second is the division between classes, beneath ground and above

it. The third is founded on how human evolution had gone back to it is starting

stage. The panégyrique of technology is certainly not the answer for the utopian

your life we all search for.

The first theory of the laziness of human-kind is

unfolding today. We all grow a growing number of dependant upon machines to feed, clothe

bathe, groom, cure, and entertain the needs. We believe we are in atechnologically outstanding times, but since one takes away electricity, our company is

back in the darker ages. The people of the 12 months 802, seven hundred lack any kind of sense of drive or

motivation due to not having any kind of problems at all. The Eloi play every day

without a attention in the world. The sole element in all their world that is certainly problematic

may be the darkness the harbors the evil Morlocks.

The 2nd theory

about the future features the division of the classes. He feels that in the

future the folks of the the planet separated in to below ground and above

ground says of living. The working category lived deep inside the earth much

like in the movie Metropolis, while the owners resided above earth free to

exist to the fullest. It really is from this doing work hypothesis that the future

developed this way, therefore labeling the Morlocks as working class and

the Eloi while the owners. Thousands of years of a divided contemporary society

could conceivably result from this. The final theory is just how evolution comes

back upon itself.

The Morlocks ate the Eloi. Time Traveler

found how humans grew sluggish from having no challenges/problems. At some point

right now there probably was a time when the classes travelled below and above earth, but they

all grew so dependant after the machines to take care of their world that

commerce and politics became obsolete. Then when the equipment could not nourish

them(Morlocks) ever again, they considered what is the majority of primal in every of us, the

means to endure via consuming whatever(Eloi) is approximately. In a way, corporations

devour or prey upon the poor whether it be through Marketing or Sales.

Organizations survive off of peoples money, and they will get it from normal

trade or perhaps scamming people that seem digno like Seniors.


future appears to be bleak through the eyes of the Time Traveler. The world

is formed by the fallen ruins of what appears to be a great utopian society. The

irony is the fact once people will be left with no work and no problems, they become

lifeless and weak. In addition they take that another stage to cannibalism when all their

mighty devices cannot perform all the work for them. It is obvious that the community

we live in is well guided and measured by just how our technology advances us. Technology

is not an evil thing.

It helps all of us cure fresh diseases, etc . Our advancement should

not follow the theory of enabling our technology surpass each of our humanity, yet

allowing the humanity to surpass the technology..

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