perseus best demonstrates he is a hero with great

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Read the excerpt from “Perseus.


Fate willed it”or perhaps Zeus, who up to now had done little to get his take pleasure in and his child”that they should be found out by a very good man, a fisherman known as Dictys. This individual came upon the fantastic box and broke it open and took the pitiful shipment home to his better half who was while kind when he. They had simply no children and in addition they cared for Danaë and Perseus as if they were their own.

This kind of excerpt finest shows that the ancient Greeks valued

kindness and generosity.

Read the research from “Persues. 

He announced that he was about to be married, and he referred to as his close friends together for any celebration, which include Perseus inside the invitation. Each guest, because was customary, brought a great gift for the bride-to-be, except Perseus by itself.

Which element of Greek your life does this research reveal?

that people provided gifts towards the woman marriage

Perseus best shows he is a hero with great fighting skills simply by

NOT taking the Grey Women’s eyeball

Read the research from “Perseus. 

It happened that shortly after their introduction Perseus noticed that the Ruler of Larissa, in the North, was possessing a great athletic contest, and he journeyed there for taking part. In the discus-throwing when his switch came and he hurled the large missile, it swerved and fell among the spectators. Acrisius was generally there on a visit to the King, and the roundel struck him. The strike was fatal and he died at once.

What may be learned about Traditional life out of this excerpt? Examine all that apply.

Nobleman ruled over local areas.

Kings sponsored sports.

People came to observe the athletic games.

Outsiders could take part inside the athletic challenges.

Discus throwing was a common sports event.

Read the research from “Perseus. 

The Ethiopians were being devoured in numbers by the serpent; and, learning from the oracle that they could be freed from the infestations only if Andromeda were presented up to it, they forced Cepheus, her father, to consent. Once Perseus arrived the first was on a rocky ledge by the ocean, chained right now there to wait to get the coming of the monster.

Through this excerpt, viewers learn that is certainly an accepted practice in ancient greek language life.


Read the excerpt from “Perseus. 

[Queen Cassiopeia] experienced boasted that she was more gorgeous than the children of Nereus, the Sea-god. An absolutely selected way in those times to pull down on one particular a wretched fate was to claim superiority in anything over any kind of deity; even so people were constantly doing so.

Which will ancient Greek worth did Queen Cassiopeia do not possess?


Embarrassed when he lacks a present for Polydectes’s bride, Perseus proclaims that he will supply the best wedding ceremony gift imaginable. By doing so, Perseus’s forgets to value

aidos, or modesty and humility.

See the excerpt via “Perseus. 

Fate required it”or maybe Zeus, who also up to now experienced done little for his love great child”that they should be discovered with a good person, a angler named Dictys. He discovered the great container and broke it open and took the pitiful cargo residence to his wife who had been as kind as he. They’d no kids and they maintained Danaë and Perseus as if they were their own.

What element of Greek your life does the excerpt show?

that people produced a living by simply fishing

Which tale event in “Perseus greatest shows that the ancient Greeks valued intellect?

Athena offers Perseus a mirror so this individual does not appearance directly by Medusa.