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I’ve decided to use WordPress to make my website. The template I selected is Radcliffe 2, in my opinion it’s the less difficult one taking into consideration I don’t have any design encounter or understanding of how to make a site whatsoever. It can be the template that will keep me personally from placing too much info and keep this simple, instead of cluttering the pages with photos and unnecessary stuff. Personally, this is a complicated job because I am certainly not the imaginative type and would prefer to steer clear of creating a web page myself, even an easy and one. However , the connection part, just like creating a mission statement and choosing what to write in each of the sections of the website, is definitely not as hard to me and I find it very interesting.

The external backlinks that I imagine would be useful to my audience, and also something which could be useful about the corporation, are the ones that will require them to web sites of the key leather market fairs in Asia, in which my audience is located. My personal company, in order to be a leader in the industry, should be an exhibitor in all of these fairs, including APLF in Hong Kong, ACLE in Shanghai and IFLE in Vietnam.

The theory I have to get the news launch is to inform the public about the company’s fresh guideline of only dealing with LWG (Leather Working Group) certified tanneries. The LWG is a selection of stakeholders that controls it manufacturing industry’s effects on the environment. The organizations that may be LWG accredited are from retailers of leather items to substance suppliers and tanneries. The promotion of better and environmentally friendly practices in the market is getting a growing number of important daily, and many of the major leather-based product suppliers are challenging the LWG certification from other suppliers. By assuring that every one of our suppliers are LWG certified and for that reason being able to also become a great LWG affiliate too (after going through an audition as well), the organization will show to its stakeholders that they can care about their particular social and environmental responsibility, and consequently are involved in the neighborhoods they are an integral part of. As said in the previous message board, the company is an international trader of conceals, skins and leather, and it’s a very little market, so it may not be newsworthy to some big news networks, for example. Nevertheless , this more than likely be the type of attention the organization would be looking for anyway, and so if such news release is definitely newsworthy for the few specialised sources of info in the industry, that i believe it is considering, again, the value of LWG certification currently, then the seo press releases will have accomplished its objective. To make sure it adheres to a traditional online press release service format, I am going to use all, or as many as possible, tips and components of this news Release 35mm slides, such as by using a letterhead, quote, “###”, and so forth

I will create a great infographic because I believe it can be more beneficial than a podcasting or a video in this case. I know this market very well because I performed in it for five years, thus i also know that these types of media are not applied much, such as infographic. However , I think that with the infographic I could offer some kind of relevant information to potential customers and also existing kinds. The initially idea is usually do a data visualization infographic that would include information about the conceals and skin exports in certain of the countries the company offers suppliers in, for example several statistics like FOB worth and locations. The second thought would be to make a tutorial infographic with a standard “how to” import hides and skin legally in China, Taiwan and Vietnam. The last thought is a map infographic with general advice about the industry in the whole world. In order to complete the infographic, I need good study and english language proficiency to find the details from trusted sources, just like government websites of many countries, although also my already obtained knowledge via years employed in the sector. I have to discover ways to use one of many free infographic makers available on the web as well.

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