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This kind of paper is going to summarize film production company Glory and relate a few characters to Aristotle, Epictetus, and St . Augustine about character, dignity, and self-respect. Alina Campbell This paper will sum up the movie Wonder and connect one or two characters to Aristotle, Epictetus, and Saint Augustine on personality, dignity, and self-respect. The movie Glory is dependent on a true tale about the Commander with the 54th Ma Volunteer Soldires which was the first dark regiment to become listed in the service states.

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It truly is based on the letters by Col. Robert Shaw. Lacet. Shaw sensed he was involved in something that having been not entirely sure regarding, considering he previously previously misplaced a lot of soldiers to fight. He was now faced with survivor’s guilt which usually he realized would recover in time. Shaw later started to be a awesome leader that lead the black routine to take on the battle in Fort Wagner. Aristotle Persona is mental and ethical qualities distinctive to an person.

Aristotle believed character to be not a feeling or a capacity or possibly a mere propensity to act in a few ways (Sommers & Sommers, 2010).

He believed rather that figure was a completed condition our company is in while we are well off in relation to each of our feelings and our activities. The virtues of personality are dispositions to act within a certain approach in response to similar conditions. Good carry out arises from patterns that subsequently can only be acquired by repeated action and correction. Col. Robert Gould Shaw fits Aristotle’s view of Character best in my opinion. Having been not only the commander from the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Soldires, their tone.

The dark men that fought with Shaw were slaves that wanted to guard their freedom. When Shaw was told of the United States Govt planning to form this routine of black soldiers this individual agreed to take the Commanding placement. He then asked his closest friend Major Cabot Forbes to fight along with him and Forbes accepted. By one stage Shaw combats for these males to get the right uniform and boots. He also refuses pay along with them after figuring out that they are paid out less than the white military.

Both Shaw and Forbes strongly linked to this number of men: the angry Private Trip (Denzel Washington); Private Jupiter Sharts (Jhine Kennedy); Corporal Thomas Searles (Andre Braugher), a very smart and educated person that had in the past Shaw and worked pertaining to Shaw’s dad, and Sgt. Maj. John Rawlins (Morgan Freeman), a runaway servant who echoes with the words of knowledge and purpose. Dignity is the state of quality of being worthy of exclusive chance or value. Aristotle’s take on dignity involves the consciousness that we are worthy of honors, certainly not in processing them.

You cannot earn dignity through external awards; rather it is a thing you give upon yourself. “Dignity is made up not in possessing identification from other folks, but in consciousness that we should have recognition coming from others (Sommers &Sommers, 2010). The character performed by Morgan Freeman, Rawlings, knew that being a slave was not really worth much, so he chosen to help Shaw fight the battle at Fort Wagner. Forbes likewise displayed dignity in the video. Forbes was Col. Shaw’s best friend and is who told Col. Shaw of this regiment.

Due to the form of relationship both the had, Lacet. Shaw asked Forbes to come along with him to prepare the black slaves. Forbes decided and was standing by Col. Shaw and these dark men throughout the name contacting, getting the appropriate shoes, and receiving their uniforms like the white-colored soldiers experienced while preventing in the Detrimental War. Aristotle describes the positioning of persona, dignity and self- esteem as personality being a condition concern with choice, lying within a mean in accordance with us, that the is determined by cause and in this sort of a way that a man of wisdom could determine this.

It is a suggest between two vices that depends on surplus that depends on defect (Sommers & Sommers, 2010) Aristotle feels nor a feeling neither a capacity nor a tendency to act in certain ways. It’s the settled condition we are in when we are well off in a relation to the feelings and actions while we are in a mean or more advanced state in regards to them. Which means we have a vicious figure that we happen to be badly off in relation to sense and actions, and we fail the means in regards to all of them.

The character i felt confirmed this type of part would be Denzel and Andre’s characters, known as Trip and Thomas. Trip was a errant slave that was incredibly angry. He didn’t have anybody and had been recently beaten a couple of times. Trip had specific thoughts of the light man plus they were that the slaves looked as apes. He thought that all the slaves should be dressed up in homogeneous and deal with, since the light men could only try killed and wouldn’t have the ability to win. Andre Braugher played Thomas. Having been an educated gentleman that experienced worked intended for Col. Shaw’s father.

This individual believed that black guys should know how to read and possess pride within just themselves. In the movie Glory, Thomas experienced learned to take a lot. Jones assumed that since he and Col. Shaw had been close friends that he would always be treated a little differently, but for his big surprise, he was named out by simply his closest friend to train much faster than he was and then yelled at. Jones learned very much at the end from the movie, which include self-respect. Thomas had been taken in a earlier battle and he asked Col. Shaw to assurance that he wouldn’t mail him back again, which Shaw didn’t allow Thomas to continue in challenge.

Later in the movie, Encolure. Shaw requests who would end up being willing to standin the place from the flagman, should certainly something happen, and Jones stated that he would and did. Epictetus Epictetus held the Orthodox Stoic view that everything in the whole world is described by keen will. Epictetus was unlike the early stoics in that this individual believed pleasure was found in maintaining a person’s moral figure as opposed to seeking moral superiority. He emphasized self-knowledge and keeping your moral character in order while the way to acquire a happy existence.

Epictetus aware his students to expect persecution since their actions and attitudes can be different from these around them. He encouraged them to view lifestyle as an athletic problem, a festival or a brief military support, where success would originate from a combination of correct choices and skill. Epictetus believed that “grief was your most offensive emotion; this individual considered the battling of sadness as a great act of evil. It absolutely was a willful act, going against the will certainly of The almighty to have all men reveal happiness (Stockdale, 1995). Lacet.

Robert Shaw, through his personal growth and internal realizations fulfilled his leadership responsibilities on the battlefield, as well as past. He decided to take the beliefs he had by his your life prior to battle to another level. Shaw battled with the query of equal rights among the races yet he recognized the smoothness and desires of the Dark Americans and chose to address their behalf as well as the Unions. Shaw believed that his soldiers, no matter color, well deserved respect as much as the white military. Shaw was willing to not take pay to produce a point that his military deserved similar pay because their fellow white colored soldiers.

This individual stuck his neck out to make sure that they received the right gear in order to fight. Shaw had finally decided to not really let the suffering from the previous battle to regulate him, he chose to help in the delight of the slaves and carry on and fight for all their freedom. St . Augustine Augustine’s approach had not been just amazing, it was sensible. His understanding is intellectually credible and emotionally fulfilling in that it gives hope while offering meaning towards the Christian trying to make sense away of existence in a fallen world (Sommers & Sommers, 2010).

To Augustine, something that had becoming was good. Good since the ground to be was properly good, along with everything he brought into being. This goodness was a property that came in different degrees. The obstacles that Col. Robert Gould Shaw had to get over is the fact that he failed in challenge another period. He had to select himself back up, and then he led the black routine in the Municipal War and was refused to let these kinds of black soldiers be remedied with any less value than the white colored soldiers. Another hardship that Col.

Shaw and his black soldiers was required to endure was the fact these were getting below paid, we were holding not presented the proper shoes or boots to drive in, as well as the fact they were not provided the proper uniforms like the different soldiers. Encolure. Shaw had shown a lifetime of character, pride and self- respect by being the ethical Commander that he was. Lacet. Shaw never let other folks views get in the way of his personal look at of his soldiers. Encolure. Shaw got self- respect even though he had been defeated, prior to leading the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry soldiers with pride and never threw in the towel on them. He was a man that supported faith and that the black soldiers were no different than any others.


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