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In the prologue, The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer is all about the pilgrimage of many different characters to Canterbury. Chaucer writes about the characters personalities and the place on the social step ladder. The Monk and the Parson are instances of how Chaucer covered the spectrum of personalities. The Monk is definitely self-centered, even though the Parson cares about the sick and tired and poor.

In The Canterbury Tales, the Monk works like he’s part of the prestige of world. He is extremely tan, this individual likes to look, and this individual has horses. All of these qualities are signs of prosperity and reputation. His palfrey was because brown ones own a super berry. (P one hundred twenty line 211) This demonstrates the Monk spends a lot of time outside, just men who have are rich can afford to relax or search outside. Predators are not regarded holy males because they will kill to get entertainment and pleasure. The normal man spends his time working for what little salary he can gain. The Monk also acquired horses, which can be another indication of wealth. This Monk was for that reason a good person to horses, (p 120 line 193) Very few males in that period had sufficient time to learn and ride mounts. All of these extravagancies are up against the oath the Monk got for the Church.

The Monk was also sluggish and disliked working. Monks, in general, will be hard functioning and are ready to help the less fortunate. The Monk also ignored the austere rules create by St . Benedict.

The Regulation of good St Benet or St . Maur

As aged and rigid he tended to dismiss

P one hundred twenty, lines 177-178

This implies that the Monk is thinking about the joys of existence, and not his duty as a monk. He’s worthless in the eyes of Chaucer and he disfavors the Monk very much.

The Parson was a poor guy who provided what tiny he could to the various other poor people of his city. He knew the teachings of the Holy book and Christ, and preached to whoever was willing to listen. This individual followed the Bible is obviously and he believed that the priest has to be trustworthy. He led by example for all of the other people in town by not having a wealthy life and still living happily.

This commendable example to his lamb he offered

And it was from the gospel he had captured it.

(P 129 Lines 506-507)

The Parson never looked for identification or glory for his choice of lifestyle. He was suprisingly low key and was willing to help someone no matter what the conditions were. The Parson was very good with what tiny he had.

Giving to poor parishioners round regarding

From his own items and Easter offerings.

He found sufficiency in very little things.

This proves again that he is good-natured and adoring. He is a fantastic Samaritan and has a compassionate soul.

Inside the Prologue of The Canterbury Stories, Chaucer shows preference toward the Parson because he makes him a wholesome, very well rounded, sympathetic person. The Monk, however, is disliked tremendously by Chaucer. Chaucer displays him as self-righteous, pompous, and ignorant toward the feelings of others. Chaucer shows his viewpoints by authoring the characters lifestyles and their personalities

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