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The publication Pirates of the Caribbean, written by Irene Trimble is about the legend of any pirate dispatch called the Black Pearl its bane and the deck hands that guard it. Jack port Sparrow was once captain of the Black Treasure but now Barbossa is the chief. Jack and definitely will Turner are on a mission for taking over the black pearl and save Elizabeth from Barbossa and his staff. Barbossa fantastic pirate crew are cursed. Because of the problem the food that they eat transforms to ashes in their mouth, they cannot taste their particular drinks then when they take on the celestial satellite light they turn into skeletons.

“But there exists one way to end the curse, ” Barbossa said increasing an eyebrow.

”All the scattered components of Aztec platinum must be restored¦ and the blood repaid.  (Pg. 52) The blood needs to be from Bootstrap Bill or perhaps his son Will Turner. After all the gold can be returned for the cave for Isla entre ma Muerta and Will’s blood is on the gold the curse is definitely broke and Barbossa wonderful crew turn back into human beings.

Jack shoots Barbossa and he dies as they isn’t a bones anymore. In the end Jack goes out from staying hung and joins his crew within the Black Treasure and Will and Elizabeth fall in love.

Jack Sparrow can be tricky buccaneer because he abducts a deliver and when the crew comes aboard to capture him this individual sneaks on to their ship, which is more quickly, and burglarizes it. He can also very intelligent because he and may put a row motorboat over their particular heads and walked underneath water nonetheless breathing. Jack is amusing because whenever he is asked a question he always answers by saying something funny. Jack can be dishonest thus nobody really knows what he is planning to do. Is going to Turner is heroic as they threw a sword underneath Jack’s foot before obtaining hung and so he did not die. Having been also a incredibly skilled blacksmith because he produced swords and axes.

The most crucial thing to him was Elizabeth. Is going to has been in take pleasure in with her ever since this individual met her. Elizabeth Swann is attractive and majestic mainly because she often wears elegant expensive garments and she’s also the Governor’s girl so she actually is shown a whole lot of admiration. Elizabeth is very curious about buccaneers and would like to live a pirate lifestyle. She was very fearless because she was not afraid of the buccaneers and the lady helped conserve Will and Jack by Barbossa wonderful crew. Barbossa is nurturing because he is attempting to find all of the Aztec gold to help end the curse that is upon him and all of his staff. He is gullible because Jack port is always laying to him and deceiving him.

Barbossa is respected by his crew since they constantly do what he demands. Two deck hands were struggling with over the Dark Pearl. Jack port wants it in return and Barbossa wants to keep it. Barbossa requires the last bit of Aztec gold to end the curse and Elizabeth experience it. His crew takes Elizabeth because they presume she is Footwear Strap Bill’s daughter and in addition they need his blood to break the bane. Will Turner wants to save Elizabeth from Barbossa. Everybody ends up at the cave of Isla de la Muerta the place that the chest of Aztec platinum is. Jack port and Barbossa had a sword fight and found out that they are both skeletons.

Will Turner puts his blood for the gold and at the same time Jack locations Barbossa along with his pistol also because Barbossa can be human again he bleeds and passes away. Jack Sparrow escapes and takes over the Black Gem again and may Turner and Elizabeth live happily at any time after. I really like this book since I love buccaneers and excellent lot of actions. I like just how Jack and Barbossa deal with over the Dark Pearl. The best part was when Jack stabbed Barbossa and nothing happened and then Barbossa stabbed Jack with the same sword and he changed into a bones. I would recommend this book to someone that likes cutthroat buccaneers and actions.


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