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There are a lot of wonderful places Let me visit. Yet , most of all I would personally really like to go to Korea which I have significant amounts of reasons to carry out: to visit fabulous places, meet up with famous singers and to truly feel, enjoy the colourful life as well as the crowded roadways and enjoy a relaxing coffee aroma and refreshing air by a great location to enjoy and release the stress for teenagers like me with the coffee shops in South Korea, Angel in-us Coffee with a full and free of charge internet access.

The cafe got cozy and homey experience. A sprinkle of brown everywhere constructed the decorations. And they also had real trees inside the cafe. It will produce us seem like in a garden. I love this kind of cafe mainly because it’s a inspired cafe, an array of angels and wings embellished the place and also a vintage design. Vintage design and style is really my style. Settees and wood made chairs designed to seem like you have wings when you take a moment.

Their particular coffee flavor good. It truly is dark and rich. We could truly taste the pureness of the espresso. Angel in-us Coffee uses their copyrighted convection roasting technology meaning that each beans is roasting on a foundation of heat.

Convection is actually a superior way of heat copy that results into a fully designed and evenly roasted coffee bean. When we acquired our espresso, all we all taste was your richness from the coffee with no burnt taste. My favourite coffee is Cafe Latte. I am just addicted to coffee and my own dream is usually to be a barista and own a coffee shop under my term. And Now i am interested in learning Latte Artwork too. Which my fantasy since I entered supplementary school. I actually heard that you have so many foreign people who want to check out South Korea. And many of which want to stay in Korea forever. Include me too. It’s because I’m fascinated by their culture, language and also not forgetting their particular fashion, which will what I like the most. I would really like to research the newest fashion trends in Korea especially Bohemian Style and Preppy Style that i like the many. I would like to go to Dongdaemun, Seoul to seek over a brand new fashion that suits me well. The reason I select Dongdaemun is basically because Dongdaemun is the center of South Korea fashion. Lucky for those who are style addicts, including myself, the costs for the products sold you will find quite reasonable.

Besides vogue, I likewise would like to analyze more regarding Korean language and composing or often known as Hangul. Trying to find studying Korean language language as I’m in standard 6. I’m just learning the essential letters, vowel, consonants, pronounciation and the guidelines to write in Hangul. My personal Korean terminology is unpleasant because I use no time to examine. Unlike English language, it’s quite simple and I have got plenty of time to study and practice because I communicate with my friends, teachers and family in English because people in this world are used to it. We still have a lot to learn in Korean language and publishing such as grammar. Studying Korean language and civilization more and visit Korea or live among Korean language people is the foremost way for improving my knowledge. I’m going to visit landscapes presently there because I realize that Korea has many gorgeous and spectacular places. First place I want to proceed is Seoul. Located inside Gyeongbokgung Structure, the National Folk Art gallery of Korea presents over 4, 1000 historical artifacts that were employed in the daily lives of ordinary Korean language people. In this article I can totally immerse myself in earlier domestic and agricultural life-style, and learn regarding Korea’s ethnical beliefs.

I really love cultural and traditional of South Korea. I would also head to Namsan tower system and “the Junjungno floral street to reside a beautiful field film which i only look at the telivision. Then, I’m going to visit the Hangang Lake in the evening to see the peace and romance and capture photos and upload it within my social network site, Instagram as my personal collections and experience the night life inside Seoul. Of course I’m going to “Seoul street food to try their particular rice pastry (teobokki), noodles, grilled marinated beef (bulgogi), spiced chicken (buldak), Korean language traditional fruit and vegetables with a various seasonings (kimchi) and lots more. The second vacation spot is Jeju Island. Jeju is the heaven of The almighty of the South Korea.

Jeju is the place with fresh natural surroundings and beautiful. In Jeju Island, I will visit Hyeopjae Beach, Hallasan National Recreation area (UNESCO Universe Heritage). Seongsan Ilchulbong Maximum and Seongeup Folk Town to capture the pretty field of flowers. Jeju’s dishes are delicious and special. Food from Jeju are made with saltwater fish, fresh vegetables and ocean weed. It is the natural food and incredibly good for health. There are many amazing things about Korea that we can easily feel and check out when we check out Korea. I really hope I can achieve that. If my personal dream comes true, I do think I must need to prepare back pack, warm garments, shoes, safety gloves, towel and also other stuffs to get the winter since Korea’s time is now likely to be so cold. And the most importantly, Let me not forget to bring camera for capturing my wonderful moments in Korea.

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