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Starting with modernity, we have moved into an era of production of the Other. It is will no longer a question of killing, of devouring or seducing the Other, of facing him, of contending with him, of caring or disliking the Additional. It is to start with a matter of manufacturing the Other. The Different is no longer a subject of passion but an thing of development. Maybe for the reason that the Other, in his major otherness alterite, or in his irreducible singularity, has become hazardous or intolerable.

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Therefore, we have to bring in his attraction. Or perhaps, basically, otherness and dual human relationships gradually fade away with the go up of individual values current destruction with the symbolic kinds. In any case, distinctness alterite can be lacking and, since all of us cannot encounter otherness because destiny, a single must produce the different as big difference. And this is actually a concern just as much for the entire body as it is for sex, or perhaps for sociable relationships. To be able to escape the earth as destiny, the body while destiny, sexual (and the other sex) as future, the production of some other as difference is made. This is what takes place with sexual difference.

Each sexual intercourse has its own physiological and emotional characteristics, its desire with all the insoluble situations that finish that, including an ideology of sexual intercourse and desire, and a utopia of sexual difference based on law and character. non-e of the has virtually any meaning intuition whatsoever in seduction exactly where it is not a question of desire but of any play tableau with desire, and where it is not a question of equality between several sexes or of an furor of one by the other since this play tableau implies a perfect reciprocity of every partner (not difference or alienation, but alterity/otherness alterite or complicity). Seduction is nothing below hysterical, seeing that no sexual projects its sexuality onto the various other. Distances will be set. And otherness alterite is still left untouched. This is the very condition of this better illusion, of this play with desire.

What is created with the romantic turn, with the turn of the 19th hundred years, is to the contrary the adding into perform of a assertive hysteria and, with this, of a change in sexual paradigms that again must be reinserted in the more general and universal circumstance of a enhancements made on the paradigms of otherness.

During this hysterical phase, it is to a certain extent the femininity of men that is projected onto women and that condition them while ideal numbers of likeness ressemblance. Passionate love has ceased to be about convincing a womans heart, or about influencing her. It is rather a matter of creating her from the inside de linterieur, of inventing her, possibly as a recognized utopia (an idealized woman), or as a femme fatale, a star, which is a different hysterical and supernatural metaphor. This is the complete work from the romantic Ardor: he is the person who has created such an suitable harmony, these kinds of a love fusion, nearly an incestuous form, among twin creatures (woman as being a projected resurrection of the same, and woman whom takes her supernatural shape only as an ideal from the same), an artifact from now on destined to love, frankly destined into a pathos of ideal similarity ressemblance of beings and sexes, a pathetic confusion that eliminates the dual otherness alterite of seduction. The entire erotic machinery changes meaning/direction signifiance because the erotic attraction that once originated in otherness alterite, from the strangeness of the Other, today shifts aside of the Same, aside of likeness and similarity ressemblance.

Auto-eroticism? Incest? No, but instead a hypostasis of the Same. Of the identical that eyes the different, that invests and alienates himself in the other. But the other is never more than the impetuous form of a positive change that attracts me nearer to the I me rapproche de moi. It is also the main reason, with loving love and all its current by-products, sexuality draws closer to to loss of life: it is because libido is getting nearer to incest and its own future, even if it really is banalized (for it is will no longer a.

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