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Poetry Works

My first image features a road protest with all the banner We all ant drink money and refers to the poetic line, so much so i am today nothing but bone fragments. The reason I use chosen this image should be to show that coal joints gas creation may pollute the water that individuals drink. The person in the poem, Mr.. Dollars, is also afflicted with the decisions made by rich people, such as franking firms that make use of their personnel and the region in general. The bones is actually a metaphor intended for loss of into the self-esteem linked to the scramble for money and, in terms of the franking companies, the exploitation with the earths assets.

Franking is a process in this article chemicals and water happen to be pumped in to the earth creating cracks whereby natural gas can escape and be harnessed pertaining to energy. The second image, with the fistful of dollars, can be associated with the brand of poetry, He is more powerful compared to the government. This image I possess chosen is a telling reminder of the benefits of the almighty dollar and its particular power to persuade. The representation of the buck in he puts the power of money above that of excellent ministers, who have should represent the highest electric power in the country.

With regards to coal joints gas development, the us dollars present the corruption within just governments whom are prepared to risk the lives and conditions of its citizens. The next image is always to represent the queue of beautifully constructed wording, he unwraps their lips and they speak with authority. I chose this image to show the irony of their authority, because they are merely puppets of any higher order, the wealthy. This is similar to the experience of spokespeople for franking firms whose voices are muted. The metaphor, he unwraps their mouths they must tell lies in in an attempt to survive. All their authority an additional metaphor is nil.

The fourth image, presenting the truth and consequences of franking, was chosen to symbolize the line This individual sweetens all their tongues. This kind of image demonstrates when people drink the water plus they breathe in the polluted air flow they may get diseases or perhaps deformities. The polluted the planet in the picture is also wrecking animals, people and grow habitats. Another type of perspective is definitely shown in the fifth picture of the Greens party symbol. This kind of illustrates the opposition for the franking firms by the planet friendly political parties. The final image is a representation of the power Mr.. Dollar provides over deciding where franking will arise.

Although it appears communities have got a tone of voice in reference to their concerns to a family event community and environment, the selection remains those of the multi-billion corporations. Represented in the composition as Although he is more robust than me. Predictably the selection falls in the hands of such wealthy, solid, powerful organizations because they are holding all of the cards (money). In conclusion the poem reflects on any potential problems and problems faced daily by communities, which have been impacted by greed and corruption from corporations and also other powerful public figures we are asked to trust.

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