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This is when they will abide by these kinds of guidelines. The enforcement of the provisions will create a procedure to get investigating crimes, protecting the rights in the accused and punishing individuals who violate the code of ethics. (“Police Officer Code of Ethics, ” 2004) (Berg, 1999)

What makes this method so exceptional is the division will function as an independent enterprise. This means that Inside Affairs will have the power to overrule the Chief of Law enforcement and the representatives inside the department. They are accountable to the oversight committee which is responsible for improving these conditions. This process can occur if you take a balanced way that is aimed at transparency, safeguarding the rights of the falsely accused and effectively investigating almost any violations. (“Police Officer Code of Values, ” 2004) (Berg, 1999)


Plainly, police deviance and sincerity are main issues that every single department must deal with. This is because there are times when officers will be required to engage in activities that may infringe upon the rights of the individual (in order to protect the overall public). 60 these methods will often be utilized in variety of situations. This is when the odds increase that potential violations will arise.

To prevent this kind of from occurring requires enacting a code of values and developing an Internal Affairs division. They will report straight to an oversight committee, who may have the power to review and sanction officers that violate these provisions. The moment this occurs, the actual amounts of deviance will reduce by having successful procedures pertaining to guiding representatives and punishing them to get violating these types of provisions.


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