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1 . The belief that someone’s fate could be closely caused by his or her personal efforts is recognized as ________ AND IT IS FUNDAMENTAL FOR THE AMERICAN FANTASY. a. populism b. equal rights c. individuality d. republicanism e. fatalism Grade: you User Answers: c. individualism Feedback: 2 . Which from the following qualities is associated with capitalism, the economic system in the usa? a. Federal government should be involved in protecting the fitness of the economical industry more than individual citizens’ rights. m. Government should certainly allow the industry economy being free and unrestricted.

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c. Government should not obstruct people’s efforts to obtain property.

g. Government should promote equality only to individuals who were given birth to in the country. at the. The nationwide government ought to become more involved in state politics. Grade: one particular User Answers: c. Federal government should not block individuals’ attempts to obtain property. Feedback: several. ________ frequently predict the degree and kind of political engagement, which forms political culture. a. Personal values b. Demographic elements c. Community-oriented economics m. Individual bonuses e.

Group dynamics Grade: zero User Answers: a. Personal values Reviews: 4. Idea in which in the following ideals is part of the core of American political lifestyle?

a. Fidelity to parent homeland n. Strength in diversity c. Caste system d. Overseas diplomacy at the. Government intervention Take the Phase 02 Examination Section: Guide to US Government N 2014 flanery, daniel Submitted: 9/3/2014 1: 38: 33 AM Gradebook Grade: ” Questions Experimented with: 25/25 Distribution No: 1/1 2 Class: 0 User Responses: c. Caste program Feedback: your five. Which from the following is advocated by socialism, which will emphasizes designed economies above free market economies? a. Government control of crucial industries w. Private careers over open public programs c. Higher fees for the poorest individuals d.

Monetary rewards for productivity e. Government investment in significant corporations Grade: 1 User Responses: a. Government possession of crucial industries Opinions: 6. Every single individual’s political beliefs are rooted in ________ and ________. a. values; values m. core beliefs; experiential learning c. main beliefs; political attitudes g. partisan tendency; values elizabeth. values; religion Grade: zero User Answers: b. key beliefs; experiential learning Opinions: 7. Which in turn of the pursuing constitutes some the Combined States’ nationwide political TRADITIONS? a. Opinion that individualism hampers the complete strength from the country.

m. The citizen class a person or a female belongs to c. The notion that government is a basis to get decisions which will affect every American citizens g. The idea that flexibility is for those who earn it e. The rights and liberties citizens have Level: 0 End user Responses: a. Belief that individualism hampers the overall durability of the country Feedback: Take the Chapter 02 Exam Section: Intro to US Federal government F 2014 flanery, daniel Submitted: 9/3/2014 1: 32: 33 ARE Gradebook Grade: “

Concerns Attempted: 25/25 Submission Not any: 1/1 three or more 8. Communitarianism refers to a set of beliefs has a long history of affecting political traditions in the United States. Communitarianism emphasizes the value of ______ __. a. economic classes and the reds b. provincial practices c. limited government d. needs of the community over requirements of the individual e. voting and democracy Quality: 0 User Responses: a. economic classes and communism Feedback: being unfaithful. In which method do People in america best communicate the substance of the American Dream? a. Their dedication to well being programs n. Their widespread support of limited government c. Their very own enthusiasm pertaining to capitalism g. By mailing humanitarian aid overseas e. By frequently voting in elections Class: 0 User Responses: deb.

By mailing humanitarian help overseas Feedback: 10. The word that identifies widely shared ideas regarding who will need to govern, toward what ends, and by what means is usually ________. a. subculture n. fundamentalism c. ideology m. political culture e. demography Grade: one particular User Responses: d. personal culture Responses: 11. What is the normal outcome with the United States’ history of immigration? a. A decline in diversity caused by the immigration rate n. Substantial ethnic and cultural diversity inside the American population c. The foreign-born constitute the majority of the U. S. population g. Domination simply by foreign countries e.

Considerable racism and anti-immigrant emotions in the many the American population Take those Chapter 02 Exam Section: Intro to US Federal government F 2014 flanery, daniel Submitted: 9/3/2014 1: 32: 33 ARE Gradebook Level: ” Concerns Attempted: 25/25 Submission No: 1/1 some Grade: you User Responses: b. Substantive racial and ethnic range in the American population Feedback:

12. A belief in free markets, limited government, and self-sufficiency in financial affairs, put together with a opinion in custom, law, and morality in social affairs are beliefs upheld simply by ________. a. socialists b. the modern Conservative Party c. the Republican party in the past d. modern libertarianism electronic. the Communism Party historically Grade: zero User Replies: d. modern libertarianism Reviews:

13. A belief that people can provide more robust chances intended for economic and private betterment for his or her children, if not for themselves, is part of the ________. a. American Wish b. Communism Manifesto c. American exceptionalism d. anticipations of world e. American socialization Grade: 1 User Responses: a. American Fantasy Feedback: 18. Which with the following generally ensures that authorities follows the will of the persons in a democratic system? a. Lobbying n.

Elections c. Interest groupings d. Pursuits e. View polls Level: 1 End user Responses: w. Elections Feedback: Take the Phase 02 Exam Section: Guide to ALL OF US Government N 2014 flanery, daniel Published: 9/3/2014 one particular: 38: thirty-three AM Gradebook Grade: ” Questions Attempted: 25/25 Distribution No: 1/1 5 15. One element that has helped reduce political conflict more than economic inequality in the United States is definitely the strong idea in ________. a. equality of personal option and individuality b. fate c. the promise of global competition for creating economic equal rights d. a solid work ethic creating equal rewards e. strong government treatment.

Grade: 1 User Responses: a. equality of personal opportunity and individualism Feedback: 18. Most People in the usa would accept that those with greater solutions and cable connections to government officials are more inclined to ________. a. participate in governmental policies and be displayed in federal government b. engage in a revolution c. become distrustful of the authorities d. end up being white-collar employees e. give fewer opportunities to their kids than they had Level: 1 End user Responses: a. participate in national politics and be displayed in authorities Feedback: 17.

While no single religion represents all Americans’ belief program, most of the FOUNDING POPULATION STATES WAS________, WHICH HAS HAD LONG LASTING EFFECTS ON THE LAWS AND POLITICAL CULTURE IN AMERICA. a. Jewish n. Muslim c. Catholic g. Protestant elizabeth. Pentecostal Grade: 0 Consumer Responses: c. Catholic Feedback: 18. The fastest developing ethnic group in the United States is usually ________. a. Pacific Islanders b. Oriental Americans c. African Americans d. Caucasians e. Latinos Take the Chapter 02 Examination Section: Guide to ALL OF US Government F 2014 flanery, daniel Submitted: 9/3/2014 1: 38: thirty-three AM Gradebook Grade: ” Questions Experimented with: 25/25 Submission No: 1/1 6 Quality: 0 Consumer Responses: n.

Asian People in the usa Feedback: 19. Income ________ between the classes in the United States provides risen progressively since the twenties. a. famille system b. acquisition c. inflation m. inequality elizabeth. disbursement Quality: 1 Consumer Responses: d. inequality Reviews: 20. Arrêters sharing any particular politics belief have the greatest probability of shaping coverage when they are ________. a. influenced b. authorized c. canvassing d. distributed e. concentrated Grade: zero User Reactions: b. signed up Feedback:

twenty-one. Culture refers to ________. a. a series of expectations of a politics system m. basic ideals about taking part in a society c. a predisposition regarding participation within a group or a political system d. just one way of thinking or maybe a mode of behavior common to a group elizabeth. beliefs in regards to a political system Grade: 0 User Reactions: e. values about a political system Opinions:

Take the Chapter 02 Test Section: Introduction to ALL OF US Government N 2014 flanery, daniel Published: 9/3/2014 you: 38: thirty-three AM Gradebook Grade: ” Questions Tried: 25/25 Submitting No: 1/1 7 22. The right to individual private home is ________. a. even more attainable for middle-income citizens in The european union b. not so important to most Americans c. guaranteed by the Constitution d.

one of the monetary incentives that motivates People in the usa to adopt capitalism electronic. only for those with wealth Class: 0 Consumer Responses: c. guaranteed by Constitution Feedback: 23. Worries about the level of_______ as well as its impact on local politics and social cohesion from the twenties to the 1954s resulted in many restrictions of ________ for the United States. a. immigration; entry b. education; immigration c. trade; economical growth m. terrorism; travel and leisure e. well being regulations; entry Grade: you User Replies: a. immigration; entry Reviews: 24. A person who opposes govt regulation of business is likely to be a ________.

a. liberal b. communist c. socialist g. Green Get together member elizabeth. conservative Grade: 1 Customer Responses: electronic. conservative Feedback: 25. The effectiveness of the economy is directly tied to the value of all goods and services produced in a nation every year, which is called the ________. a. mass development factor w. gross home-based product c. poverty range d. typical household profits e. Gini coefficients to get the economy Take those Chapter 02 Exam Section: Intro to US Federal government F 2014 flanery, daniel Submitted: 9/3/2014 1: 38: 33 ARE Gradebook Class: ” Queries Attempted: 25/25 Submission No: 1/1.


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