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Hk is one of the busiest cities on the globe. It is not just prominent while an Asian commercial center, but as well famous for their air pollution, which haunts the lives of thousands of Hk people and wastes immeasureable dollars with the government and the private groups every year.

It is an unchanging reality air pollution in Hong Kong not only results in a waste of massive levels of money, yet also brings about deterioration around the overall health normal of the Hk population.

Without a doubt that it is the task of the Govt of Hong Kong to work out measures to take on air pollution. Nevertheless, it is also the duty of the public to help and cooperate while using Government. Through this essay, Let me focus on two important factors behind air pollution, which can be vehicle emission and in house air pollution. Concerning the part of concerns, I will focus more on the effects for the well being with the general public.

For fault solutions, I will focus even more on the issues of the Government and what the public can do to help to eliminate the issues of air pollution, so that Hk can continue to grow in the arriving future

The reasons and problems:

1 . Motor vehicle Emission

Motor vehicle emission certainly plays a dominant position in adding to the serious air pollution in Hk. Newer engines cause fewer pollution but many of the vehicles in Hong Kong are poorly maintained. This really is either because people cannot afford the high protection price or they do not have sense for this. Both causes contribute to the significant air pollution in Hong Kong. The Clear The Air Organization in Hk observes that Hong Kong offers approximately 146, 000 diesel vehicles. The legally brought in diesel in Hong Kong contains a maximum sulphur content of 0. 05%.

These diesel-powered fuels utilized account for 70% of the total distance moved on the streets. It also claims that in Hong Kong, 98% of RSP and 85% of NO2 from vehicle sources are derived from diesels. Besides, commercial vans in Hong Kong, like pick up truck, and lorries are on the roads at all times. They bring about 55% of the overall RSP and 43% of the NO2 in Hk. Thus this kind of large amount of airpollution particles through the emission of vehicles causes Hong Kong to be one of the busiest cities, and also one of the most infected cities in the world.

2 . In house Air Pollution

It is easy for individuals to notice the outdoor air pollution in Hong Kong, but how about indoor air pollution? Roughly people dedicate 90% of their time indoors. In Hong Kong, almost all of the indoor areas are air-conditioned, which means, we have a high possibility which the air can be poorly aired, especially when a sizable group of people happen to be crowded together in little places. Samples of the in house pollutants are, VOCs by paints, paint thinners, and glues pertaining to construction of furniture and buildings; environmental tobacco smoking from smoking; carbon dioxide from human breathing; radon via decayed components of some types of concrete blends; chemical that comes from new furniture and renovation supplies; RSP by sanding wooden, operating equipment and printing; harmful bacteria coming from ventilation, air conditioning systems, and the ozone.

These cause numerous health problems, including irritation and respiratory problems, coughs, acceleration with the reoccurrence of asthma, skin rashes, head aches, legionnaire’s disease and attention irritations. Prolonged exposure to these indoor smog sources may even cause head damage, leukemia and tumor. Although everybody in the community is definitely pronged to different effects of indoor air pollution, some people in the neighborhood are more susceptible to these uncovered threats of life.

They are the people with breathing diseases such as asthma and chronic bronchitis, children as well as the elderly. Youngsters are more by risks than adults mainly because children’s lung area are still expanding and that their particular airways may be more easily obstructed when inflammed. They are also nearer to the ground than adults and thus closer to the emissions with the vehicles as well as the heavier pollutants. As for seniors, their lungs and their ability to resist irritants and disorders are going down hill and thus weaker when subjected to the different contaminants mentioned above.


1 What does the Government do?

The government during these recent years offers sought out several methods and policies to tackle air pollution caused by motor vehicle emission. First of all, according into a news release from the Government Reports & Information System, 2k, it is said which the Government has new actions plans to encourage the introduction of environmentally-friendly crossbreed vehicles or those power by gas or gas cells. In addition , these projects will be integrated in the next couple of years, hoping to reduce the emission of particulates in the urban area by 70% and nitrogen oxides simply by more than 19%. Secondly, inside the same online press release service, it is said the conversion of LPG cabs is greatly supported by the federal government with a grant of $40000 for the taxi individuals to buy LPG taxis. There is also a low pump price of LPG and will save regarding $35000 of the running cost a year. Thirdly, in 1995, the Government set up the Environmental Protection Department to measure the pollution in Hk.

The air air pollution is measured by the Air Pollution Index (API), and is utilized to report air quality in various districts in order to warn individuals with respiratory problems in order to avoid places which might be highly infected. (Aidia ain al, 2000). Fourthly, there are about 40000 medium and heavy diesel powered vehicles in Hong Kong and are all afflicted by ongoing functional trials and that the Government hopes to provide totally free installation of catalytic converters which can reduce about 50% with the particulates released for all old diesel search engines.

Fifthly, the federal government intends to minimize the benzene content in petrol to less than 1% in 2150, reduce the sulphur content of motor diesel to below 0. 035% in January of 2001 and to present ultra low sulphur diesel powered, with lower than 0. 005% of sulphur, initially inside the franchised shuttle bus fleet. (Yeoh, March 2000). Lastly, in line with the Planning, Environment, and Lands Bureau it happened in 1999, it is decided that you will have a dark vehicle control program and introduction an advanced smoking evaluation by a chassis dynamometer to check the smoke emissions of smoky automobiles. From the same source, additionally it is said that the authorities will be pre-loaded with portable smoke cigarettes meters to identify smoky cars.

2 . What can people do?

Concerning indoor smog, there are other ways to deal with these dreadful allergens. According to Borwein (2000), there are 6 ways to handle the problem of indoor air pollution. It is always very good to install interior air cleansing agents. This can help to filter the dust particles, the molds, and tobacco smoke in the air and maintain the quality of air indoors, particularly in bed rooms. It is very important too to have wear out fans, gas stoves and clothes washer dryer combos vented effectively to the beyond the smooth so that the polluted air will not linger at home, causing the quality of indoor surroundings to decrease. In additional, it is also necessary to wash and dried the filter systems and evaporation trays of dehumidifiers, freezers, air cleansers, and ac units to prevent the dust from staying generally there and lower the workability of these electric appliances.

Make sure you clean the level frequently and maintain it clear of dust so that allergies and respiratory problems may be prevented. As well, we should make an effort to bear in mind that we ought to never smoke indoors, specially when the place can be not aired well. This is certainly to prevent agitation to our breathing systems which prolonged contact with tobacco smoke can cause cancers. A significant action to take to handle indoor smog is to try to ventilate the indoor areas that we get. It is also critical to bear in mind that if necessary, stay away from the structure sites, designing flats, and rooms.

3. Other things you can do:

Thus, i believe, to halt smog in Hong Kong, there are a few issues that the Government can carry out. First, college students in every stage of education should be taught the impression of citizenship. Second, the Government can set up more large-scale public capabilities and actions to educate people in a large extent. Third, business employers of motorists of trucks and lorries can help to established regulations intended for preventing drivers from using diesel-powered from the mainland which is of any lower top quality and brings about the release of much more polluted around Hong Kong. 4th, every person in Hong Kong must be responsible for protecting the breathing environment. If anyone sees a smoky vehicle or perhaps idling machines in the around district, theyshould report this to the Environmental Protection Office so that the government bodies can become quickly as possible. Finally, the Government can try to consider the implementation of BioDiesel in Hong Kong. These kinds of BioDiesel is made from converted used cooking petrol and junk tap waste. It contains zero sulphur and emits reduced levels of harmful toxins and hazardous particulates and is less harmful to the human body than ordinary petrol.


Costly unchanging reality the living standard on the planet is bettering and the air quality is decreasing, especially in Hk and the encircling territories. Whenever we as individuals of Hk do not try confront the threats of air pollution really and do not make an effort to cooperate together with the issues from the Government, the living regular, our health normal and eventually each of our economic regular will surely degrade to absolutely nothing in no time.

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