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Alternatively, with the circumstance of current modern society, mass media have had a great influence in supporting counter-hegemony of gender. As a basis of the discussion, “counter-hegemony” can be simply defined as critiquing and seeking to remove the limitations of the “hegemonic” power in community (Redekop, Gallagher Satterwhite, 2018). To create the elimination of rubber stamping stereotypes along with of the difference between masculinity and femininity, a K-pop music video named As well as the of “TVXQ”, could be used as an obvious demonstration (SMTOWN, 2009).

Contrary to obsolete stereotypes in peoples mind-set that becoming masculinity must go along with manly appearance, muscularity or beautiful clothing, the images of TVXQs five people in this online video represent the flippant manner and features of feminine with white skin, amazing baby face and colourful stuffed animals costume. Just like the example of the female’s picture against male or female hegemony, the strong and independent overall look of the woman driving a truck in the parody video of Funny ladies (2016) somewhat opened up a completely different viewpoint from the ladies stereotype of weakness, dependence or the main role of housewife as people constantly imagine about. In spite of such idol images, Korean put culture has already established a popular influence and it is well received by the people, especially the youngsters in the two Asia and Europe. It’s the same case in which in case the image of that trucking female appeared regarding 50 years ago, for me, very few persons would accept it. On the other hand, nowadays, they can not only become truck new driver but also business owners or politicians although the number of concerning in these careers is still quite small. Thus, these two products of well-known media pointed out that hegemonic morals of the gender’s representation in society happen to be deviant and unequal.

Male and female totally may have every other’s features but it does not mean that they can always be ridiculed or perhaps wrongly examined about their character just because of this. Another popular media efforts in changing peoples understanding of sexuality categories is a improvement in creating toilet symbols. Some from the previous, all general public location’s lavatories have just two key symbols representing for two bedrooms, one for a man and a single for women. Regardless if a third area can be constructed, it is also pertaining to the incapacity. However , a breakthrough came about at the “Sigtuna Museum” in Sweden when the museum added another toilet with a fernsehsender neutral bathroom symbol intended for who have a different sort of gender personality (Löfgren, 2015). This new image is a mix of a fifty percent image of women in “a skirt” and the other half of “a man in trousers” (Löfgren, 2015). It can be regarded as the openness in Swedish thoughts about the lgbt community as well as the designer’s desire of endorsing non-distinction of gender all over the world (Löfgren, 2015). Whatever gender a person is, she or he should still be welcomed and not end up being discriminated as a result of old-fashioned male or female hegemony. Nevertheless , the case from the new bathroom symbols of Sweden can be considered as the start of the social recognition in the gender mix, but not every countries include such modern thinking which is only a few and very rare examples in spreading the concept of equality and being resistant to the gender misjudgment.

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