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How have within community attention policy since 1979 impacted on users of wellbeing services?

Mental Health

In this essay We are talking about the way the changes in the community car coverage since lates 1970s had an impact on the users from the welfare services concerning people with poor Mental Health.

Mental health issues is, possibly the major health problem of out time. Additionally it is a major social problem¦ whatever we have to do is to get to grabs with moving the emphasis to community care. The down sides are many. Cultural services services have to be developed up¦ personnel to run all of them have to be recruited and trained¦ psychiatric services have to be produced locally, generally speaking and community hospitals in addition to health companies. We have to understand, moreover, the pace from which community based care can be introduced is dependent not only on resources yet on the speed at which react of the community itself¦ Local services means more day hospital treatment, even more day care, more treatment and support in the home itself and less in-patient treatment¦ The coverage can only be achieved if there is considerable capital expenditure in new facilities and if there is significant shift inside the balance from the service between health and the local authority.

(DHSS)(1975: 2-3)

Since the community care plan in 1979 their have bill many adjustments that have generally effected those with poor mental health. Mental health in 1979 was situated in hospitals this is to prevent mental health sufferers causing harm to themselves or maybe the public, it was better for these people as they would receive the treatment that they needed. Though they were not allowed to roam about and have a free life this kind of cause them to become shut faraway from everyone. This would make the individuals feel such as they were in jail because the nurses could only unlock their door if they had to look in the room to find the patient. This would have cased a negative impact on the patient mainly because they may have missed their loved ones, they may have already been treated in different ways from everyone else and also I really could make their mental wellness worse. When the policy change Margret Thatcher was looking to close throughout the asylums pertaining to mental health patients, while she was trying to try this she had not been focusing on the rights of the mental wellness patients rather she was focusing on saving bucks and driving the responsibility with the patients somewhere else by doing this the lady was minimizing the size of the state of hawaii services, in line with Neo-liberalist ideals

In 1979 Margret Thatcher started to be prime minister she centered on how to make the welfare state better intended for the UK. She was planning to make sick people that responsibility of the people, community rather than the state. This resulted in great homelessness to people with mental health problems. Ahead of she became prime minister and changed the plan there was hardly any homelessness. The National Wellness Service werent give people who have poor mental health the help that they required. Margret thatcher was looking to save money by closing throughout the asylum. The main objective of the welfare policy was how to make that more organization like in the face of the elevating demands coming from an ageing population, growing patients expectations and advances in medical technology (Bloor and Maynard, 1994)

If the labour get together was in electric power in years 1975 1979 their sociable policy was about helping persons as a whole by helping them with houses, function and totally free health care. This damaged the mentally ill patients who had been in asylums. Labour deemed a better support Mental sick patients however they did not have enough money to go through will the service that they wanted.

In 1986 mental health had become worse. The general public began to think negatively about the government and thought that nobody in the traditional party wasnt taking care of the community care. Various wards began to be closed straight down, and the mental health patients had to return into the general public a learn to deal with there problems. Because they were accustomed to depending on staff to complete things for these people charities was required to help the people get back to usual life.

However , a number of difficulties soon became obvious in terms of employing the Work. Inefficient interagency collaborations (particularly where various areas of the system NHS, social services and the voluntary/private sectors ” had different ideologies and priorities), inadequate-mechanisms for permitting the shift of finance from hostipal wards to community care and professional attachment to traditional working practice meant that problems soon designed. Partnership operating practice was, in effect, part of the government rhetoric rather than a sensible reality.

(Bean and Mounser, 1993)


From what I have read this doesnt appear like the government planned what they had been trying to carry out properly. This is why so many concerns kept reoccurring. They held coming with fresh ideas but it still didnt work. This caused a massive problem to those people with poor mental well being as they had been kept away from there family members and the public which cause them to be even worse. Today I think that problems even now occur with individuals that have poor mental wellness but coming from reading this I realize that it features improved a lot. People are a-lot more aware about mental health insurance and its less hidden when it was years ago so more individuals are able to support.

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