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In Pouliuli, a novel authored by Albert Wendt, Faleasa Osovae awakens to find the life hes been living all along is a mere facade. Pouliuli invitations readers in to the Samoan community of Malaelua, which is flipped topsy-turvy when ever Faleasa misleads his aiga and community by operating maniacal. Albert Wendt jewelry a famous Malaelua fable about a mythological hero named Pili to Faleasa Osovaes life. Inside the myth in Faleasas tale, they equally had precisely the same goal, which has been to live the rest of their existence free. To do this goal, they both was required to accomplish 3 tasks. Pilis tasks would have been to eat a huge batch of fish which the titans had trapped that day time, to race the leaders down a river, and make himself disappear. Faleasas tasks would be to destroy Filemoni, Make Moaula the new leader, and remove Sau and Vaelupa while council leader. Of course they will couldnt did these duties alone so both of them enlisted help from friends. Pili enlisted the help of Tausamitele, Lelemalosi, and Pouliuli. Faleasa enrolled the help of his long time friend Laaumatua fantastic son Moaula. Finally to have the freedom that they so wished for they were required to complete one last job. In Pilis case it had been to break down his empire among his children whilst Faleasa needed to remove Malaga as our elected representatives of the village. In the end, they will both end up having nothing. Both equally ending up in the darkness of Pouliuli.

In the two scenarios there is a mirror photo from Pilis saga to Faleasas. In what way are the characteristics of the three allies Pili enlist to help him with his tasks a lot like those of Faleasas allies? Exactly how are the tasks in Pilis saga similar to Faleasas tasks? Why did Faleasa actually go with his strategy when he understood that the result in Pilis story was tragic?

We first recognize the similarities between the mythological saga of Pili to Faleasas lifestyle as we are informed with the myth. In Pilis fable as well as in Faleasas story they will create a plan that would achieve the freedom they are seeking. Pili wants to always be restored right into a human although Faleasa really wants to live the years of his life free from the duties he had being a leader.

If you collection me three tasks and I perform them successfully can you lift the curse away me? (96) In Pilis myth, Pili goes up to the Ninth Bliss to ask for his father, Tagaloaalagi, to restore him into a individual. Tagaloaalagi models three duties for Pili to do. Pili does each of the tasks by using Tausamitel and Lelemalosi and gets his wish to be renewed human. Faleasa had simply described to his ongoing friend his plan great transformation from what this individual called cannibal meat in a free angel. (16) Pilis saga is comparable to the story of Faleasa. Faleasa has created a strategy that would reduce him with the duties being a leader. Both equally scenarios have three tasks to detailed with the help by friends. Likewise as each tasks is completed the next one gets more challenging. Pili and Faleasa has to watch out that no-one finds out that they are being contributed to friends.

As every single tasks is completed the next activity gets very much tougher. Pili and Faleasa realize that they cant total these tasks alone and so they recruit people that happen to be friends and close to all of them.

I have other allies, Pili replied. Because he was forbidden to associate with people he had befriended three spirits who existed near his home. These were Tausamitele-Insatiable Hunger, Lelemalosi-Strong Flight, and Pouliuli-Darkeness. It was with these good friends that he devised his plans. (95)

The allies that Pili enlisted have got characteristics which might be similar to the allies that Faleasa has enrolled.

Lemigao was constantly hungry, roughly it seemed to Osovae. All over the place they travelled Lemigao searched food before he performed anything elseHe never refused any provide of food even if he had just ingested a large meal(21)

Laaumatua can be described as mirror image of Tausamitele. Laaumatua and Tausamitele both have unfulfilled appetite. They are really continuously starving and will continually be willing to take in even though theyve just ingested. They also

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