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Clarify how to support children and young individuals self confidence and self esteem.

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We could support children and young people’s do it yourself confidence/self confidence and promote this in settings by using a range of verbal/non verbal what you should ensure children have confidence. It is vital that we give children encouragement the moment trying a new activity, we are able to do this by simply verbal conversation such as ‘can you make an effort to do it’? or non verbal techniques such as palm gestures like this comment or cheerful etc . As well after a kid has done a thing positive we need to always praise them by speaking with a ‘well done’! or thumbs up and so on even a sticker chart or team details has the same effect.

If we do not give children compliment and confidence they are less likely to join in fresh activities that may not give them confidence to have new things and become independant. It is vital that children are constantly praised to get doing some thing good so they have a top self esteem and will want to show the actions again. We have to ensure that kids have the assurance to make presently there own alternatives by providing chances for them u do this. to get eg give them the choice of what toys they need to play with, what activities they would like to do or perhaps what appetizers they would like. It is important all of us do this to encourage children to become more independant.

Whenever we do not allow kids to make there own selections they may turn into dependant on a grown-up and not select vital points later in life that could affect these people. We can as well promote self esteem by rewarding children with things such as candy or stickers. This can be a easy way of adoring children nevertheless can also make children ‘go back’ with behaviour or do things to much for a reward.

One example is if a child is compensated for using the toilet or trying to utilize toilet they could just take a seat on it all working day so they get rewarded. We must do regular findings of children to find out there passions and develop activities about these to help children satisfy milestones. This is important as the kid is in control over there very own learning and can feel like they matter.

Such as if a kids interested in locomotives you could use them in what you are doing. If the kid has control over there learning they are more likely to make alternatives and have confidence in doing thus. It is also important that we assure the children understand that they can trust their important worker and can speak to them about whatever, so the kid has confident relationships while using people in there setting.

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