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Misjudgment Against Native Americans

Adam T. E. Koeneman

English 190-28

Professor Engles

These people commenced migrating twenty five thousand years before Captain christopher

Colombus uncovered the Americas. Native Americans migrated from Asia

crossing a land bridge where the Bering Strait off the coast of Alaska can be today.

Over the centuries they spread through the continents of North and

South America. Because the arrival in the Europeans in 1492 the American American indian

has been dehumanized, decivilized and redefined in to terms that represent a

dominate European view. The Spanish explorers under Colombus were the first to

use the terms Indian to mean a Native American. These people were beneath the

false impression the had come to the Western world Indies. This term remains used


From the first interaction together with the native lenders the Europeans inatiated

dominance and superiority. There are 3 distinctive reasons that the

Europeans were able to control and later suppress the Local American traditions

such as, the Native American relgious beleifs and methods, the lack of

discussion between Natives ans Europeans and the insufficient orginization

from the Indian tribes. All of these factors had a good influence the Europeans

to become dominate statistics on the Local American area. These factors can still

end up being attributed intended for the way that Native Americans happen to be viewed in society today.

After the Revolutionary War the modern United States federal government sought to find

land through treaties. The payment offered for the land was far from good

however , and when Native Americans opposed the surrender of their homeland the

ALL OF US government basically used outstanding military power to evict these people. The Europenas

knew practically nothing of the new civilizations they encountered. The majority of Native American

tribes viewed the lands they filled to be no one mans house. They

believied that they had been alowed to occupy that by the elegance of the Superb Spirit

in exchange the people took care of the land the used. Usually Native Americans

harbored a great respect for the land they were allowed to employ. When the

Western leaders attemptedto purchase this property from the people the Local

American leaders often thought they did not have the authority to sell the land.

Inside their view the area wasnt their own to sell. In many cases, payment provided was

rejected because of this view The Europeans, however, did not

figure out or proper care to understandthe Native American way of life, tradition or

philosophy. Instead, that they saw the land being a great buisness oppurtunity being

bought and sold. At times payment was accepted because the American Indians

did not understand fully the outcome or implications of the sale. It was

challenging for the Indians to understand the control of area because within their

view the land would continually be avaliable for everyone to use.

Europeans feared these kinds of new people having a seemingly savage way of life. The

dances and othe social traditions that Native Americans practiced were

really abstract and foreign to the European settlers. These displays of

savagery by the Natives sparkedf dread within various settlers largely out

of ignoranceto their particular practices and cultural traditions. The Local American

lifestyle was, the truth is very arranged and very useful.

Most American Indians have little or no interaction with the everday

lifestyles with the average American citizen. They have been residents of

reservations for nearly two cennturies. Two hundred numerous years of social oppression

has to be defeat inorder pertaining to the American Indian socities to become more

accepted in to our contemporary culture. The prejudice that American Indians endure

rivals that of the African-Americans. To ensure the Native American tribe

nations to become equal in social chic ther should be reform and awarness

from the prejudice.

Lack of orginization is a strong surrounding factor to why Local

Americans happen to be dicriminated against. During the 60s the African-American

population usa and fought against for reform and equality. This has not yet fully

occured in the Native American sociable setting. Most of the tribes even now fued

with each othe instead of looking to create cultural reform. This is particularly

apparent during the 1800s when ever Indian-White relationships were specifically full of

stress. Crazy equine, the great Oglala Sioux head, expressed his concern for

better associations between the American Indian tribes on his loss of life bed (Nabokov

178). The European settlerhad a problem comprehending the differances among

the tribes. Many times that they could not have an understanding of that one group of Native

Americans was seperate and sometimes enemies with another tribe.

Another main factor that helped develop the dicriminatory views against

Native Americans was the American Indian religious methods.

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