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Excerpt from Exploration Proposal:

Stake (1999, l. 8) stated that “the actual business of case study is definitely particularization, not really generalization. ” A particular circumstance is fully examined and understood so that it is and just how it functions. Its uniqueness is stressed. However , the case study strategy does not explore how a case is similar or different from different cases. Understanding the case on its own is the major emphasis of the watch case study method. In this light, the research studies using the case study methodology is definitely not testing research as a case can be studied mostly to understand the one case and not to understand other cases (Stake, 1999).

The six options for evidence in the event that studies, that have been identified by Stake and Yin (as cited in Tellis, 1997), are papers, archival information, interviews, immediate observation, participant-observation, and physical artifacts.

In case study technique, documents including letters, magazine articles, management documents and everything other paperwork pertinent to the research are considered sources of info. In the same way, archival documents including organization records, service records, and also other records are usually considered as causes of data. One of the most important sources of data in the case study strategy are selection interviews (Tellis, 1997). The selection interviews can be “open-ended, focused, and structured or perhaps survey” (Tellis, 1997). Through interviews, data collected from other sources can be confirmed. Another rich source of data is usually direct observation. Direct remark occurs when the investigator visits the field below study. In respect to Tellis (1997), a research’s reliability is improved if even more there is more than one observer who performs immediate observation. In the mean time, Glesne and Peshkin (as cited in Tellis, 1997) recommended unobtrusive observation wherein the research workers observe because inconspicuous as it can be. Participant statement is another way to obtain data where the investigator takes a working role by participating in the events being examined. Finally, physical artifacts such as tools and also other physical proof are also types of data.

This kind of research will make use of the multi-site case study methodology. This kind of case study consists of the use of multiple case and enables cross-case comparisons (Heck, 2004). Relating to Daylights (2004, g. 219), “studies consisting of multiple cases are appropriate when there is a need to bring together a sufficient selection of cases to provide comparison throughout cases where the research objective is to give validation. inch


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