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Infectious Disease

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The risk of a outbreak disease dispersing throughout the globe is more than it has ever been in the history of the world. The massive population boom and rapid travelling methods have combined to demonstrate that germs and conditions are potential weapons against the health and wellbeing of the human population. To help solution this cause, technology has demonstrated us that, with its right implementation, it could have a fantastic benefit to the people who are designated to safeguard the population coming from such dangers.

The purpose of this essay should be to highlight the importance of cctv surveillance in the combat against these kinds of communicable disease outbreaks. For doing that task, this kind of essay can detail the huge benefits and limitations of the cctv surveillance system HealthMap. This article will go over how this type of piece of technology contributes to minimizing and eliminating potential threats.


The HealthMap system is recognized by the Centers to get Disease Control and Reduction (CDC) being a recommended useful resource by federal authorities. The organization published this about the technology: “HealthMap is a openly available online reference that collects, filters, and visualizes disease outbreak information in real time, by means of a series of automated text-processing methods. Sources incorporate online news through aggregators such as Yahoo News, expert-curated discussion such as ProMED-mail, and validated established reports via organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO). “

Essentially HealthMap can be described as real-time model of the world that highlights the potential for disease. The web page provides this information at healthmap. org, and a mobile application pertaining to phones and other devices exists for free too. HealthMap claims to bring jointly a wide array of resources to find info that is helpful in determining exactly where communicable conditions are most likely to see an outbreak.

According to their website, HealthMap draws its information from the following sources:

ProMED Postal mail, a program pertaining to the Intercontinental Society of Infectious Diseases

World Health Organization, Un

GeoSentinel, via International World of Travel Medicine and CDC

OIE- World Firm for Dog Health

FAO- Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

EuroSurveillance, printed by the European Centre pertaining to Disease Elimination and Control

Google Information

Morever, reports organization

Baidu News, Chinese language News and Search Engine

Google Maps provides the umschlüsselung software that permits HealthMap to mix and synthesize the data

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