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Pride and PrejudiceThe passage which in turn best relates the concept of the Pride and Prejudice

by Her Austin, can be on page 125, in the middle of the page. This is certainly

wherever Mr. Darcy is suggesting to At the, and is informing her with the

inferiority of her family and cable connections.

This passage is usually significant

because it is one of the few times where the characters honestly

admit that the singular purpose of a persons life is to achieve a

high salary and an increased social placement.

It really is evident by every point in the story that every people proper care

about is getting married to into a higher social get ranking. And even for individuals who

will be comfortable with all their current position, it is essential that they

only marry someone of at least equivalent list. This idea possesses

every personality in the tale and appears to motivate just about every action that

can be taken.

The superficiality with this idea will go so far as in order to the

bonds of affection. Darcy is willing to offend a girl as he is suggesting to

her, in order to inform her of the what he has to go through to be able to

stoop to someone of her level. No matter what Darcy thought

his probabilities were at acceptance, he was still handling a girl that

barely knows him, and actually disfavors him. Which is not a situation

where insults are likely to deliver results.

This point is compounded because Elizabeth only gets slightly

insulted with this comment. Her initial refusal of Darcy was based

almost absolutely on his actions towards Anne and Bingleys relationship

and his treatment of Mr. Wickham. However , she is barely disturbed by

this comment of Darcy regarding her family.

This is therefore strange because

you are likely to expect Elizabeth to at least end up being equally upset for personal

insults as well as for what was done to others.

Pride and Prejudice ends with Elizabeth and Darcy each

overcoming their anger against each other, and falling in love.

However , this kind of touching landscape is wrecked because of the overall look of

Lady Catherine. She demands Elizabeth to marry Darcy, and explains to Darcy

that it might look very negatively on his family in the event that he would have been to marry

someone as low class while Elizabeth.

So possibly ones is willing

to break up true love in order to maintain list.

This theme runs throughout the complete story and also destroys

the entire point. Other reports, such as Romeo and Juliet, have the

same type of forbidden relationships, and since all those arrive out of true

circumstances, they put more interest to the tale. Here, it really is simply

prejudice by simply rich persons against lesser people, which in turn only detracts

through the writing.

So whilst this idea may have got existed the truth is

during Jane Austens lifetime, it should not have recently been included in the


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