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The Primula Parkroyal can be described as four star hotel in Kuala Terengganu, was dealing with a strategic change after a fresh Management took over in 1996. Rodney Hawker, PPR’s General Manager was working on the modern market technique for the hotel in 1998. Some of the key areas to consider are the section of marketplaces to target, and how he ought to position the hotel to compete with additional hotelin Kuala Terrengganu and hotels and other destination in the background of unfolding Cookware financial crisis.

The hotel is located in the Southern China Ocean in Kuala Terengganu in North eastern state of peninsular Malaysia, an oil-rich state with a population of over 850, 000 including mostly Malay Muslims.

PPR was the initially four superstar hotel to be build over the Eastern Coast of Peninsular Malaysia n the eighties. In1996, the Southern Pacific Hotel Firm took over PPR’s management through the state firm for ‘twelve plus five year’s contract’ to manage the hotel.

In managing strategic transform of the hotel, the managing focused upgrading the physical facilities with the hotel, re-marketing and positioning of the lodge, staff schooling and changing work culture. To re-market and location the motel, the management has to look at the segment to target and the inside renovation has to be undertaken.



1 . Has government support. 2. Only hotel which has a beach location and has equally tourist and business picture being near to town. 3. Unspoiled beach locations, water show up, lakes that happen to be untapped so far as tourism is recognized as. 4. The hotel which has the largest not any of facilities that entertain all the sections of the buyers coming in. five. Being a normal water sport crazy nation, events like snorkelling can be used to catch the attention of masses.


* Vulnerable to periodic fluctuation of demands because of the location. (Facing South Chinese suppliers Sea) 5. No unified operation ( Front workplace & Meals &Beverage Department) * No Formal front side office schooling conducted as 1992

2. Low personnel motivation and high proceeds & absenteeism in the department

5. Inefficient space management

* Waiters and waitresses reluctant to interact with international guests becauseof lack of assurance in English language language proficiency

5. Islamic legislation against profiteering from alcohol

* Attitude with the staff continue to be imperative

* Offering Liquor, trouble recruiting employees


* Seminar segment projected to increase by 30 percent

* Fresh management who also are skilled in resort management. Consequently we can have got best practices executed in this firm.


* Limited contract 12 + 5 years

* Not any full title. Thus permanent capital intense strategies can’t be made.

* Emerging Asian Financial meltdown

5. Intense competition from brand new hotels and resorts

* PPR’s service levels & staff morale low. Hence poaching chances are even more

* Employees will be reluctant to change/learn new culture

* Fear of Tsunami/ Natural Calamity

* Fewer skilled staff available in industry

Target Segmentation

We aim at targeting this segments:

5. Commercial Segment comprising of Corporate and company Conferences which will would also help us to penetrate the growing ‘Conference’ Part also. All of us targeted this kind of because of next reason: 5. Currently 35. 1 percent of your occupancy can be from this portion. This is the largest contributor and that we see even more growth 5. This section can be quickly targeted without spending much in advertisement through corporate tie-ups * By giving value for money we are able to attract existing customers of your competitors even as we are the only 4 legend hotel inside the vicinity 5. This portion is not really dependant on seasons

* Individual Traveler part comprising of people and Families. We targeted this due to following cause:

* Currently twenty nine percent of your occupancy can be from this portion. This is the second largest contributor and we find further progress * Byproviding value for money we could attract existing customers of the competitors even as we are the only 4 superstar hotel in the vicinity * It is based on our aim of making the private segment the biggest

Business Guest

These generally comprises of company delegate. Consequently we have further segmented that into two: Corporate Advertising Strategy

Once you avail a corporate package, each of our trained and experienced personnel will work with you to ensure to make you stay comfortable and wonderful. All areas can be employed on daily or every week basis. Charges and corporate deals are versatile depending on the form of corporate bundle selected, place availability and individual consumer requirements. Area Hotel delegate package comes with:

* Auto parking

2. Welcome refreshments on appearance

5. 24*7 Caffeine and Tea

5. Newspaper

* Mineral water and mints

5. Pens and paper

* Morning tea, caffeine and pastry

* Airport picks up and Drop

2. 24*7 In-room Internet connection

* Totally equipped gym with trainer

2. Complimentary shuttle service van in order to nearest MRT/BTS

2. Preferential arranging for regular travelers

* Last minute Booking (on availability)

Daily Stays on Promotions

* Complimentary breakfast

* Effective discount in next day’s booking

* Evening Snacks

Weekly Keeps Promotions

* Consider your choose from our five Nights and seven Nights promotions in discounted costs

5. Sea Facing rooms

* Free breakfast and dinner

* Free Massage

* Cost-free Arrangement pertaining to Site discovering

5. Free Laundry

Corporate Meeting Segment Packages

When you publication a corporate grouped together, conference or perhaps meeting, the trained and experienced staff will work with you to ensure the accomplishment of your celebration. All meeting rooms can be hired to get full or perhaps half working day use. Room hire expenses and corporate deals are flexible depending on the form of corporate package deal selected, space availability and individual consumer requirements. Park Hotel delegate package involves:

* Auto parking

2. Coffee and tea upon arrival

* Place hire

* Mineral water and mints

5. Pens and paper

* Morning tea, espresso and pastry break

* Dressoir lunch

* Afternoon tea, coffee and pastry break

* Lodging & Eating options

Figure 1: Seminar Room Room

Figure two: Meeting Room Layout

Total Day Getting together with Package

¢ Full Working day Executive Getting together with Room

¢ 2 Coffee Breaks

¢ 1 Foreign Lunch Dressoir

¢ Audio Visible Equipment

¢ Custom-made seat setup

¢ High speed internet (optional)

¢ Glaciers water, mints, writing parts and pencils

¢ Floral Agreement

¢ Free Auto parking

Half Working day Meeting Deal

¢ Half Time Executive Appointment Room

¢ 1 Coffee Break

¢ 1 Foreign Lunch Buffet

¢ Audio Aesthetic Equipment

¢ Personalized seat configuration

¢ High speed internet (optional)

¢ Ice cubes water, mints, writing patches and pencils

¢ Floral Set up

¢ Free Parking

Person Traveler

Physique 3: Individual Traveler

Here clients are folks who pay off their pocket. We certainly have segmented this further in two groups:


Below we have the next facilities:


The Blossom Pot, our 24-hour coffee shop, with its scenic surroundings looking over the lush lagoon, serves breakfast as well as blend cuisine in a cheerful setting¦ Suite based on a themes

Our nine rooms in five different styles, have got each recently been individually designed with different bouquets in mind ” Sunflower, lily of the Valley, Rose, Waterlilies & Lotus in keeping with the nature theme. The luxurious bedrooms are an varied mix of the conventional and contemporary which gives them a unique experience. The balcony overlooking the breathtaking lagoon is the ideal place to loosen up and loosen up. The areas are designed in five diverse nature topics (Marine | Rainforest | Fire | Mountain | Glacier). Almost all aspects of enjoyment convenience are subtly well-balanced with the modern-day and chic decoration of each area.

Figure [ 5 ]: Room’s interior

Business Middle

Our Organization Centre features two work places available for our friends including a work station which has a printer, a scanner and fax equipment. Our Business Centre presents secretarial services along with high speed get for be aware books, linking cables to printer and USB plug-ins and direct dial telephone access. Travelling Desk

Every travel arrangements out and in of the city by coach, plane and automobile which include city excursions are provided simply by our Travelling Desk. When you get a corporate package, our trained and experienced staff will continue to work with you to ensure to make you stay comfortable and unforgettable. Most rooms could be hired in daily or weekly basis. Packages will be flexible depending on type of deal selected, area availability and individual client requirements. Recreation area Hotel delegate package includes:

* Automobiles can be organized for international airport pick up or perhaps personal make use of throughout your stay.

* SIM cards are also offered at our Workplace.

2. Buffet Foods (Indian, Ls, Oriental, Intercontinental Cuisines) as per Plan

* Politeness Transfers to & from Airport / Railway Stop on a minimum stay of 3 Nights as well as 4 Days

* 20% Low cost on Treatment & Massages at “The Spa.

* Two bottles of Mineral Water replenished daily in the room

* Complimentary use of Swimming Pool (with proper swimming wear) & Gymnasium and Jacuzzi (by prior appointment)

* Complimentary usage of Tea/Coffee manufacturer in the room

5. Complimentary utilization of WiFi Internet Services

* Content Hours by the poolside among 6 evening to 8 pm.

* Daily night Entertainment just like Live Artists, Folk Dances & other cultural dances

2. A la image services


Family deals will be personalized to serve your needs and desires once you reach our resort houses. Special offers intended for 5-nights and 7-nights keeps, even throughout the festive period! All your demands will be fulfilled at the tip of your fingers. Enjoy the hustling-bustling activities of shopping, city tours established by us etc . and then rejuvenate her at the beachfront hot tub kiosks and recreational services. We would give you:

* Free breakfast

* Complimentary welcome biscuit basket and morning newspapers

* Tea and coffee-making features in areas

5. Iron and Ironing Plank provisions

* Beach front Massage Kiosks

* Discounted Rejuvenating Spa therapies

5. Special city-visit packages

* 24-hr Room Service

2. Multi-cuisine Vaisselier Lunch upon weekends

* Style of Malaysia and barbeques by the beach front

2. Panoramic look at of the beach from rooms in hotels

* Airport back and forth transportation

* 24*7 Wi-Fi Availableness in the motel

2. Club residences for little one’s fun time

* Particular Arrangements of trainers and guides for water-sports activities and terrain excursions

* Free of charge fully prepared gym with trainers

* Recreational Facilities ” Health Hub, Swimming Pool, Golf and Volleyball

* Last minute Arranging

* Special Offers for 5-Nights and 7-Nights Keeps

5. Souvenir and Shopping Games proximity

* Valet Parking offered

* Privilege Membership Cards and special offers

HR strategy

High rate of absenteeism

Encourage employees, Give employee’s perks like putting their photographs on wall surfaces as “WALL OF FAME “, Preserve a system where any employee who gets the best reviews from the customers gets to have increase in spend on the next month and also gets to lead the other personnel of his /her quality on a particular floor. We can focus on employee’s happiness rather than just encouraging them. For instance , when your employees accomplish something or obtained something, give them on-the-spot praising.

English dialect Training

Inside the begin of each working day 15 min period will carried out which will have basics of English terminology, the employees will probably be taught several conversation starters in English language and standard things about the hotel that can be told in English to the customers. The employees will be Evaluated based on the feedback received form buyers and managers. Job rotation and Staff relations

Middle section level staff will provided Training workout as to the right way to manage the reduced level personnel interest, inspire them and in addition Manage their very own issue in circumstance that may lead to unrest in the hotel, for this every month they will be told to attend sessions of Leading VENTOSEAR specialist. At work training will be giving to employees by rotating their roles and let them find out and have a holistic development for his or her careers.


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