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1 ) 1 describe employees roles andresponsibilities regarding the prevention and controll of infection.

. dispose of waste correctly

. wash hands properly

. keep all equipment clean

. have on ppe

. maintain personal hygeine

. attend training

. record hazzards

1 . 2 make clear employers responsibilities in realation to the elimination and control infection

. present training

. provide ppe

. make sure regular into the saftey bank checks are undertaken

outcome two

appreciate legislation and policies in relation to prevention and control of attacks

1 . 1 outline current legislation and regulatorybody requirements which are relevent to the elimination and control over infection

almost all care personnel should appreciate legislation and policies associated with prevention/ control infections and understand systems.

health and saftey act at work 1947

. health and interpersonal care take action 2008

. COSHH ( controll of substances harmful to health)

. RIDDOR ( confirming injuries, diseases and risky occurences). relevent

codes of practice

. public welfare 1984

. personal protecting equipment work 1992

. controlled squander regulations take action 1992

. managment of health and saftey work reulations 1999

. food saftey act 1990

1 . two describe community and organisational policies relevent to the reduction and controll of infetion

. providing training

. safe enviroment

. work guidelines and methods?

outcome 3

appreciate systems and procedures associated with the reduction and controll of attacks

1 . 1 explain procedures and systems relevent to theprevention and controll of infection

. hand washing

. ppe

. cleaning equipment

. personal hygeine

1 . 2 explain the potential impact of an break out of illness on the person and the enterprise

the individual can easily suffer from

. long or short term condition

. second conditions

. further issues

. depressive disorder

. lack of reputation

. death

. loss of rely upon the organisation

. criminal prosecution and drawing a line under of business

. unsettled atmosphere

outcome 4

understand the importance of risk assesments pertaining to the preventionand control of attacks

1 . one particular putting someone or something in danger when there is no need to and not employing correct tools to carry out duties.

1 . 2 potential risks in the work place leading to disorders spredding may be cause simply by. washing hands

. using ppe

. having soiled equipment

. dirty surrondings

1 . a few the process of carrying out a risk assesment are to

. determine the hazzard

. make a decision who might be at risk and decide on safeguards

. eveluate the risks and decide on safety measure

. record your studies and apply them

. review your assesment and update if necessary

1 . 5 The main need for carrying out a risk assesment can be

. to make sure no one gets injure or ill

. create awarness of hazzards and risks

. identify whos at risk

. prevent harm


be familiar with importance of using personal safety equipment (pp3) in the reduction and controll of infections

1 . a couple of different types of ppe are

. aprons

. gloves

. gownes

. face/mouth/eye protection

. footwear

1 ) 3 The explanation for ppe are:

. to defends clients and staff thus no disease can be passed on.. help to prevent infections

. saftey reasons

1 . 5. employees are in charge of to use ppe apropriate so that as instructed by employer. an employee has to examine ppe after and before use and still have to statement any destruction.. use ideal precuations when handling substances i. elizabeth protective clothing

1 . your five employees responsibilitys regarding ppe are

. take responsible care to protect their own health and saftey and that of their managment. make sure ppe is usually worn for correct timesand for correct duties.. record any dangerous or probably hazardous conditions or dangers theat they can identify inside the work place.. go to training furnished by employer

1 ) 6 business employers responsiblitys regaurding ppe

. give ppe

. take most responsible making sure staff are putting on ppe


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