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com) and motivation which is thought as, “the condition of being motivated” (merriam-webster. com). Stress and health were also major key words in the content, as these were aspects that were being assessed by the researchers. Stress is described as “a physical, chemical, or perhaps emotional factor that causes body or mental tension and could be a aspect in disease causation” (merriam-webster. com) while overall health is identified by the Merriam-Webster dictionary since, “the current condition of being sound in human body, mind, or perhaps spirit; the general condition of the entire body. ” All the words pointed out make it clear the particular article expects to focus on.

The most important passages are those that describe the limitations in the study. Because was evidently stated by authors, “Without random assignment and trial and error control, we cannot assert that procrastination causes the strain and overall health effects” (Tice Baumeister, 457). Another important passing, also a limitation acknowledgment is usually, “there is not a way to differentiate when it comes to who might have planned almost all along to complete the work at the last minute #8230; who may have finished up working at the last minute to get other reasons [although that they meant to]” (Tice Baumeister, 457). These passages are essential since it allows for someone to realize there is always space for mistake, and that research are meant to just provide proof to a researcher’s hypothesis, although some other factors that can have inspired that outcome could have occurred.

Questions that would be asked are mainly about the structure of the research project. For what reason weren’t there more classes compared to one other? Taking results from multiple classes, not just a well being psychology program, would provide a much better and more applicable set of results. Were students’ backgrounds considered? How big was your project that had to be completed? Do college students agree with the results? Will be the results appropriate to everybody, or just to a certain population? All of these concerns would allow pupils to ponder more regarding the use of this research to their lives and would truly make them understand what the researchers’ intentions were.

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