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Professional Nursing

It is necessary and important for virtually any professional to know the differences and applications of theory, practice and research. Within the nursing job these concepts are highly considered and the AACN has determined this process of distinguishing among as Important #3. The goal of this article is to clarify and indentify practice differences that may negatively affect patient outcomes. This kind of essay is going to suggest that command and purpose are necessary to be able to truly be familiar with synthesis of these concepts.

Theories are simply hypotheses and not regulations and it is possible to accept hypotheses as infallible. This is not ideal for the nursing profession. Ideas are used to guideline and style behavior rather than replace it. This sort of ideas since the theory of gravity or the nuclear theory of the atom are often acknowledged as accurate fact but also in reality there are numerous problems with all those theories that prevent them from turning into truth, fact and regulation.

Nursing ideas are very necessary because they will lead to practices that can possess a positive effect on patient effects. The word “practice” inherently presumes that there is downside within the work, and this is vital to noticing the limitations of any one particular theory. In order for the relationship among theory research and practice to be totally understood, these types of concepts should be placed in a certain platform.

Quality becomes the most important issue when talking about these ideas and arranging ideas in which to apply theory, through practice and eventually improved upon through study. Hall ou al. (2004) agreed with this when they wrote inch valid signals of hospital quality are based on outcomes of care experienced by the patient, the nursing jobs staff, and the hospital system. The outcomes of nursing proper care of interest to nurse management should display 3 qualities: 1 . They must be measureable simply by efficient, valid and trusted methods, 2 . They should be strongly related the patient, health care setting, and government and they should represent the designed or unintentional effects of hospital care, inch (p. 41).

These values are the target, however , the synthesis among theory practice and study must also end up being understood. Learning is a pattern which starts and ends at the same stage. Nurse studies conducted, a great experiment is conducted then an theory is produced. The theory is then tested and applied plus the cycle goes on as to improve upon the theory through more practice and analysis.

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