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​All nurses need to strive for maintaining an expert appearance at all times. People will usually judge nursing staff by their overall look. When it comes to nursing jobs, a nurse’s appearance can either instill assurance in the affected person or total mistrust.

Portion 1: Enjoy and Research

​Was this individual professional? I do think the individual in the image is experienced nurse. The nurse is definitely dressed properly in a clean blue clean. Her can be hair brief, neatly styled and away of her face.

​What made the person professional? The particular her professional is dress up smartly at the job.

She is amicable, wears a smile on her deal with, which makes her approachable. She actually is caring and compassionate registered nurse, as she is in the bedroom with her patient.

​Were there elements presented which were not professional? I did not observe anything in the picture that was not professional.

Part 2: Personal Reflection and Interconnection

​What may be the appropriate attire for a person in your occupation? All healthcare professionals in all configurations should appear neat and professional.

Uniforms, laboratory coats, scrubs and shoes and boots should be clean. School nursing staff wear organization attire instead of scrubs. The attire generally is personalized pantsuits, short or long sleeves blouses, jackets or perhaps sweaters and conservative, closed-toed shoes.

​What makes someone specialist in your field? Professionalism in nursing comes with your attitude, your overall look and your determination to help others. Nurses because professionals are required to display competent and skilled behaviors in alignment with the profession.

​What behavioral qualities do you practice that identify you as a professional? As a nurse I put the requires of the sufferer first, above all else. According to White “Nurses cannot lose sight in the fine art of nursing which is caring” (as offered in Nursezone, 2014). Like a nurse I actually am often kind and compassionate toward others in our daily lives.

​What attributes, such as dress, communication expertise, and display of do it yourself, do you possess that makes you professional? Coming out at work searching professional at all times. Clean clothes, net curly hair, clean shoes or boots and a well groomed seem making the statement that you just care about your self as a person and therefore have the capacity to care about others. In nursing it is more than speaking with a patient. As being a good listener especially towards the needs of the patient is important to provide the perfect care.


​Nurses symbolize the nursing profession always, whether at your workplace or in play. In the event you conduct your self professionally and present a professional demeanor, you can expect to command the respect you deserved through your employer, your coworkers, the patient, families and community. If you appearance and action the position, your patient will have considerably more respect to suit your needs as a professional.


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