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A brief overview of Dr . Patricia Benner’s theory on the change from novice nurse to expert registered nurse will provide the grounding pertaining to the three resources selected pertaining to the reference list. Brenner placed strong beliefs about the validity of skills and knowledge attained through experience, and presented the idea that a professional level of medical is accomplished as individual care is definitely provided over time – and since that know-how is folded into the formal training that nurses obtain when they make a degree in nursing. Benner is famously known for saying that a registered nurse could “gain knowledge and skills (knowing how) without learning the idea (knowing that). Dr . Benner posited a three-pronged way of knowledge in the applied exercises of nursing specifically – and medication in general – that entails extending practical knowledge through research and clinical knowledge. Dr . Benner asserted that the nurse could not truly achieve expert status in the profession without having acquired substantial experience as being a nurse. Many attributes happen to be associated with the professional level of nursing jobs by Benner, including the subsequent: 1) A professional nurse “no longer relies upon principles, rules, or guidelines to connect scenarios and identify actions; inch 2) a professional nurse “has much more background of encounter; ” 3) an expert health professional “has an intuitive understanding of clinical situations; ” and, 4) the “performance [of an expert nurse] has become fluid, adaptable, and highly-proficient” (“Nursing Theories”).

The concept that expert healthcare professionals exercised instinct in their practice has been the focus of considerable argument in the discipline. The practice problem I propose to explore is actually a nursing management issue about how precisely best to support nurses to as they changeover from skillful to expert through personalized definitions of nursing expertise. I was particularly thinking about this theme because the nursing profession is now globalized with cross-border recruiting of nursing staff increasingly common.

Source: Via novice to expert: Patricia E. Benner. (2013, September). Nursing theories: A partner to medical theories and models [Website]. Recovered

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Many authors include highlighted the role of intuition in expertise. Especially, a large amount of data has been gathered about intuition in expert nursing, and intuition performs an important part in the powerfulk theory of nursing expertise developed by Benner [1984. From Amateur to Experienced: Excellence and Power in Clinical Nursing jobs Practice. Addison-Wesley, Menlo Recreation area, CA]. We discuss this theory

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