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Promises is defined as, “a statement asserts something as the case or perhaps not the case” (Critical Thinking: Issues, Claims, Arguments, 2011), which is consistent with the definition given by Wooden (2012, Matter 1, g. 7), which will states that the claim is an affirmation or with regard to recognition of any truth, among the a assert is “Organizational behavior is a necessary subject”. And i also agreed with the two definitions on statements because, depending on my personal knowledge as a past team member of my college’s debate crew, everyone is allowed to make claims within the subject that was chosen to be debated.

Alternatively, an argument is described as, “sets of propositions (claims/statements) which contain property that are offered to back up the truth of the conclusion” (May, 2010), or perhaps in another terms, it means “trying to convince each other in things we all don’t acknowledge on” (Critical Thinking: Problems, Claims, Quarrels, 2011). Making use of the above case, others may not agree on my personal claim and say “Organization Behavior is no essential subject”, this is where a spat begins and support that, there are three or more ways to accomplish that, supporting a spat with power, evidence and a persuasive writing design.

Supporting a spat with power means, “To bolster a spat is to use the term of an expert”, (Roberts, 2010). However , you will discover pros and cons to this statement, the pros are mainly because he/she is usually an expert, and has been in his area of speciality for many years, consequently , his/her words can be reliable and can be accustomed to support an argument. But not failing to remember that the words and phrases he/she stated could be depending on his/her personal opinion and could contain specific level of biasness. For example , “Organisational Behaviour is usually an essential subject” because my own lecturers said so , this isn’t always convincing enough.

To further “enhance” your discussion, it needs to get supported with evidences, such as facts personal experience or an actual celebration. A strong thesis also requires solid facts to support and develop that because with out evidence, a claim is merely an unsubstantiated idea or opinion (Indiana University Bloomington, 2010), I agree because sound evidence provides the competitive advantage over others. For instance , “Organisational Behaviour is a necessary subject mainly because as a team head in a multi-racial company, My spouse and i applied what I’ve discovered on managing for selection, not only does this prevent inter-racial conflicts, it also improves you�re able to send productivity. ” This is certainly a better disagreement compared to previous argument.

Last but not least, after gathering all evidence, we need to get the readers to agree on the argument; this is how persuasive publishing style comes in handy. According to Landsberger (1996), in persuasive publishing, we make an effort to convince others to go along with our facts, share our values, agree to our discussion and conclusion.


In conclusion, the difference is the fact claims happen to be statements manufactured by someone on a certain concern, whereas an argument occurs when ever others do not agree and wishes to argue with their own claims. An argument needs to be support with power, evidences and persuasive composing, evidences is the most important factor in my estimation as disputes are mostly based upon facts, and facts should be accurate and be related to the argument as far as possible.

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