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In the economy, the advertising has an important position which usually decides almost the success of the business or the manufacturer. Most of popular brands on the globe also have a very good marketing plan; Apple is the best example for achieveing excellent marketing strategies. In this dissertation, the marketing mix approach of Apple will be talked about to understand how Apple makes their high value in more information.

The first thing to consider account in marketing mix strategy is definitely the product. While already well-known, Apple is definitely an American international corporation based in Cupertino, California that designs, grows, and sell gadgets, computer sofware, and personal computers.

Apple offers the customer a variety of product that covers many field of technology. For instance, the most unique invention of Apple can be Apple Macintosh, they have numerous Mac with many different size and choice of configuration. Furthermore, IPod was known as the initial mp3 player on the planet. It is not the particular mp3 player although also the symbol of music style.

Until now, IPod still affects gradually to market of mp3 format players. In addition , in the last five years, Apple has created new-brand market to get smartphone with the special item ” IPHONE. From IPhone 2G, 3G, 3Gs, 4-G, 4Gs to 5G, I phone always generate a big wave to the technology world. That proves items of Apple always have good range for the technological industry. What is more, an additional invention of Apple that also constitutes a new approach of technology is IPAD. It leads for a new century of tablet. Right now IPad might be known as the ideal tablet in lots of customers’ s mind. Beside that, Apple gives their very own customer a number of other products just like iTunes, equipment, and service.

Second, value also is important part of advertising mix approach. The price of almost all products of Apple has become low when compared to their competitor’s product’s cost but we have a reason for this matter. Apple is a premium company that does not compete on price. They may control the market even though their selling price may be extremely high in some countries. Generally, Apple is happy that goods is union between technology and open-handed arts thus they not simply sell products, they sell art. IPhone, Apple ipad tablet, and IPod also are mark of fashion. To summarize, the price of Apple’s product is made for their customer’s value.

Another is place. Apple’s headquater is located by Infinite Loop, Curpetino, California. They have above 200 sells around the world. Major cities have at least three big stores, more important, the customer not simply purchase products but just can test them, receive backed imformation, and they may not order items if they just do not want. This is the key of success of Apple to satisfy their customer.

Finally, promo create big difference of Apple’s marketing mixture strategy. Apple just employ launching new product to promote goods with their superb ability of presentation of Apple CEO ” Steve Jobs. Furthermore, Apple does not join DE TELLES exhibition or any type of advertising. Additionally , Apple made a big unchangeable symbol in customer, consequently , the customer constantly compare their product to their competitors’s prodcuts. It is roundabout to promote to get Apple. Alongside that, the internet Apple store offers free of charge ship for the purchases over 50 dollars, iTunes giftcard, and unique discount for refunished products.

In conclusion, advertising mix strategy creates the brand name of Apple. There is a broad variety of product including Iphone, Apple ipad tablet, Ipod, and Mac with suiable cost for their prenium brand. They have big network of great full and exclusive promotion.

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