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Excerpt from Article Review:

Sand-Jecklin, T., Herman, T. (2014). A Quantitative Analysis of Patient and Health professional Outcomes of Bedside Nursing jobs Report Implementation. Journal of Clinical Nursing jobs, 23(19-20), 2854-2863.

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This particular study piece is usually quantitative in nature. The basic analysis aspect in a study on this kind while Keele (2011) points out can be statistical studies and quantities. This is more so the case considering that it produces data that might be transmuted in to operational statistics, as it tries to quantify the problem i actually. e. “quantify quantitative outcomes of a practice change to a blended type of bedside medical report. ” It is very clear that the creators in this case strive to quantify behaviours and views in an attempt to think of results from an example population that is certainly significant. I selected this topic due to its relevance to clinical practice. This is particularly the case provided that there are not many published research that have attempted to quantify final results relating to the said practice change. The Journal of Clinical Breastfeeding is a respectable information source that endeavors to not simply promote the exchange of nursing understanding, but likewise promote the development of the same. Being a peer examined scientific diary, the ethics of documents it publishes is not in question. Peer review is one of the most effective cultural processes that seek to assure the integrity of data in the research business (Shamoo Resnik, 2009).

Peters, K., Mclnnes S., Halcomb, E. (2015). Nursing Students’Experiences of Clinical Placement in Community Options: A Qualitative Study. Collegian: The Australian Journal of Nursing Practice, Scholarship and Research, 22(2), 175-181.

This kind of research article is qualitative in mother nature. This is in addition the case considering that it is mostly exploratory. The authors in this instance seek to provide an aggregate look at of the issue under consideration. According to Polit and Beck (2017), qualitative research is typically holistic and seeks to get about knowledge of the entire – this kind of being “the experiences of pre-registration breastfeeding students pursuing community-based clinical placements” and the consequence the said placement has on the training of breastfeeding students. There exists need to better enhance learning opportunities by exploring just how nursing learners view, act in response, and gain from community-based scientific deployment. This is what informed my own selection of this particular article. The Collegian: The Australian Log of Breastfeeding Practice, Scholarship grant and Exploration satisfies all the standards of any revered diary in nursing practice. The journal attracts papers

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