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Qualitative exploration focuses on gathering of largely verbal data rather than measurements. Gathered information is then assessed in an interpretative manner, subjective, impressionistic or maybe diagnostic.

Here is a more detailed point-by-point comparison between your two types of research:

1 ) Goal or perhaps Aim of the Research

The primary purpose of a Qualitative Research is to provide a complete, in depth description from the research theme. It is usually even more exploratory in nature.

Quantitative Research however focuses even more in keeping track of and classifying features and constructing record models and figures to explain what is discovered.

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DescriptionWhole pictureFocused

Form of ResearchExploratoryConclusive

2 . Use

Qualitative Research is ideal for previous phases of research projects and for the latter area of the research project, Quantitative Research is recommended. Quantitative Study provides the specialist a clearer picture of what to expect in his research when compared with Qualitative Research.



3. Data Gathering Device

The researcher serves as the principal data gathering instrument in Qualitative Exploration.

Right here, the specialist employs various data-gathering approaches, depending upon the thrust or perhaps approach of his analysis. Examples of data-gathering strategies employed in Qualitative Analysis are person in-depth selection interviews, structured and non-structured interviews, focus organizations, narratives, articles or documentary analysis, player observation and archival analysis.

On the other hand, Quantitative Research utilizes tools including questionnaires, research, measurements and also other equipment to gather numerical or perhaps measurable data.

4. Type of Data

The presentation of information in a Qualitative Research is in the form of words (from interviews) and images (videos) or perhaps objects (such as artifacts). If you are doing a Qualitative Research what will most likely can be found in your conversation are characters in the form of graphs. However , should you be conducting a Quantitative Research, what will most likely appear in your discussion happen to be tables made up of data as numbers and statistics.

5. Approach

Qualitative Research is mainly subjective in approach mainly because it seeks to comprehend human behavior and factors that govern such habit. Researchers have tendency to get subjectively immersed in the topic in this form of research approach.

In Quantitative Research, research workers tend to stay objectively segregated from the topic. This is because Quantitative Research is aim in strategy in the sense it only seeks precise measurements and analysis of target concepts to reply to his query.

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Determining Which Method Ought to be Used

Arguments have been ongoing, tackling which method is better than the additional. The reason why this kind of remains conflicting until now is that, each has its individual strengths and weaknesses which will actually fluctuate depending upon the topic the investigator wants to talk about. This then simply leads all of us to the problem “Which approach should be utilized? 

In case your study should find out the answer to an request through numerical evidence, then you should makes use of the Quantitative Exploration. However , if in your examine you wish to clarify further for what reason this particular event happened, or why this particular phenomenon is a case, then you should make use of Qualitative Exploration.

Some research make use of equally Quantitative and Qualitative Study, letting both the complement each other. If your research aims to understand, for example , the particular dominant man behavior is to a particular subject or event and at the same time aims to examine how come this is the circumstance, it is in that case ideal to make use of both methods.


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