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Quantitative Research

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This numerical data constantly involves judgments what the number means. That is why, Trochim proves that quantitative and qualitative data will be virtually inseparable, since “(n) exists in a vacuum or perhaps can be considered entirely devoid of the other. “

Ferch (1998) also explores the difference between quantitative and qualitative analysis. He remarks that q) uantitative studies objective; qualitative research is very subjective. Quantitative exploration seeks informative laws; qualitative research is aimed at in-depth explanation. Quantitative analysis measures what it assumes to be a static fact in hopes of developing common laws. Qualitative research is a great exploration of precisely what is assumed to become a dynamic truth. It does not claim that what is discovered in the process can be universal and, thus, replicable.

Perhaps the many insightful locating Ferch understands in his exploration is that studies conducted inside the real world, and for that reason often will not fit into the ideal paradigms of either or research methodology exactly.

He notes the fact that dualistic thought, either/or dichotomy, is risky. and, it is often the acquiring these two disparate types of research out of the ideal and into the real-world where persons become confused.


The researchers both used qualitative and quantitative methods for proving their point that nor research type can standalone in the real world; however not any data, apart from their own experiential data was collected. Therefore , the sample size was considerably small. They employed this data to generalize their unique conclusions to demonstrate the connectivity between two methods.


The results of the two studies are conclusive. Both researchers concluded that study in the actual cannot be conducted without both qualitative and quantitative methods. The real world would not allow for the cleaner that needs to are present for only 1 of the methods.


Eventually, the debate of the effectiveness and productivity of qualitative research or quantitative exploration seems to be a moot point. Both Ferch and Trochim agreed they are both required components of research. Those analysts who depend on qualitative measures must employ quantitative steps in their evaluation and the other way round. This was plainly demonstrated by both research workers. Recommendations contain continued exploration on how qualitative and quantitative research are certainly not mutually exclusive. More information needs to be obtained on this online connectivity to further the efforts of researchers in a variety of fields and also assist in the better comprehension of what strengths each provides and how best to utilize those to further research.


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Quantitative vs . Qualitative Research

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