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J. Deb. Salinger’s An ideal Day to get Bananafish describes the mental struggles of Seymour A glass, a veteran in the Second World War. Through Freudian psychoanalysis, the different facets of the effects of his war-damaged mind on his ability to perform in society turn into clear. There are several instances where it becomes obvious that Seymour’s superego does not function in the same manner as that of the adults around him. It is also obvious that his id is among the most dominant power for his unusual patterns, but not by pleasure principle.

Rather, it is the childlike innocence that is the facet of his id which is primary motivation for him to act how he really does. Finally, inside the ending, Seymour’s ego comes to the conclusion that it can be simply extremely hard for him to fit in to the materialistic contemporary society that has turn out to be. Thus, it is usually seen that the war plus the society that Seymour results to following your war perform equally important tasks in leading up to his suicide.

Seymour’s dysfunctional superego becomes apparent during Muriel’s conversation with her mom. The brings up of his actions with regards to “The woods.

That organization with the windowpane. Those terrible things this individual said to Gran about her plans for passing away. What he did with all those lovely pictures from Bermuda.  every point to several actions that indicate that Seymour’s sense of proper and wrong-which is linked to the superego-does certainly not recognize the distinction between things which have been socially suitable and items that are not. Furthermore, it is also implied that this problems for his mental state comes from the conflict, which may be an indicator of Post Traumatic Tension Disorder (PTSD).

Of course , PTSD was uncommon during this time period, so Seymour remained untreated for it. This kind of defective superego is then struggling to contest the id effectively. As a result, Seymour’s id is given partial independence and so this individual acts childishly, making things up and aiming things away that are regarded as foolish. One example is definitely when he requests Sybil if “Whirly Solid wood, Connecticut is anywhere around Whirly Real wood, Connecticut.  In fact , the entirety of his connection with Sybil is an example of the uncontrolled id.

Along with his invented bananafish, this acts to demonstrate that his innocence may be the primary reason behind how this individual acts. Nevertheless , this leads to a great irreconcilable big difference between Seymour and the associated with society, as the rest of society is definitely primarily determined by their superego. This is best portrayed by the events described in transferring during Muriel’s conversation with her mother, and the issue he explains to the woman in the elevator: “I see you’re looking at my feet. Whether or not the girl was actually taking a look at his ft at all is actually unimportant; the brief exchange between Seymour and the unnamed woman provides to illustrate the rift between Seymour and the remaining world. This rift eventually leads Seymour’s ego, which can be tasked together with the interaction with external stimuli, to the summary that they can no longer coexist with the associated with society. Because of this, the only course of action that he can see is that of suicide.

Thus, both WORLD WAR II and the materialism of the world left in WWII’s wake are evenly responsible for Seymour’s death. Got the war not broken Seymour’s mind to the point where his superego may no longer are at odds of his identity, the whole number of events will not have taken starting point for with. Had society not really been transformed into follow the beliefs of materialism, Seymour probably would not have identified that having been unable to squeeze into society. Yet because the two did what they did, Seymour’s death became an inherent result of the combination of events that culminated here.


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