Race and Ethics Essay

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I think that race could have several meanings depending on individual. In my experience, race means “a group of people that have a lot of same, prevalent physical qualities at the other person. ” I do believe that competition is society’s way of categorizing certain people into certain groups. Racial is defined as “The classification of your population that shares prevalent characteristics, such as, religion, customs, culture, language, and tribal or national origin. ” I think that definition basically covers my own opinion of what ethnicity means. What I didn’t recognize is that ethnicity can also cover religion and I never thought religion could fall under racial.

I thought that ethnicity simply covered pores and skin colour and other physical features in people. The concepts are crucial to Usa society in that the U. S. is actually a melting pan already. It is an equal opportunity country. I do think that competition and racial are used for a number of studies to acquire a good idea of the future of the United States. I think that quite a few two concepts are also vital that you the future of education, policies, laws and regulations, opportunities, people, and upcoming views of society.

Alternatively, I don’t feel that we have a huge issue at the moment. I think that these principles are important but I don’t think that the U. H. as a whole looks at race and ethnicity as being a problem. I feel that it’s just the norm possibly other competition and racial in the United States.

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