Reaction Paper for the Movie “HIV (Si Heidi, Si Ivy at Si V)” Essay

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Virgilio “Gil” Bustamante (as played by John Cuenca) was a commissioned of Department of Health (DOH). He weaves a tale that combines different stories of people infected together with the virus, using the San Lazaro Hospital.

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Amongst those having their story told are heterosexuals, homosexuals, prostitutes and drug users. The film focuses on 3 major heroes; Heidi, Flowers and Vanessa. Heidi is definitely an ordinary housewife who contracted the disease from her husband. She was forgotten by her family and nobody of her family member talks to her. Her neighbor phone calls her prostitute and they appeared disgusted in Heidi.

The girl suffered from the bad effects of HIV. When the girl died her son, Victor who is the HIV affected person was nourished by his grandmother. Ivy, a young customer service agent understands that she is HIV confident when she tries to sign up for work Canada. Her programs for a fresh life overseas destroyed, your woman must at this point face the earth, her work, family, and friends with a mistake via her previous.

Vanessa, his real brand was Victor, a pleasant young gay and lesbian, and stand-up comedian who have engages in diverse sexual delights with multiple partners. He, with his very supportive father and mother, are inclined and wanting to shares his story. Though he has find themes for the documentary, even now, it becomes more difficult for him in order to meet the deadline because the subject matter are indecisive who can’t make up the minds of men about sharing their reports in public.

Therefore , with an emanating deadline, he runs after his subjects as he gets too occupied working for the documentary. Gil was obsessed to finish his documentary regardless if his a few subjects are died and back-up and it absolutely was the reason why his girlfriend Kilometers, broke up with him, this individual still always finish the documentary. He learns the fact that fight against HIV/AIDS requirements responsible actions form persons.

II. Reflection (500-600 phrases only) This kind of movie is not only any other film that not brings entertainment, chills neither threatens. It truly is far better of informing the youth through interesting testimonies with almost all possible probabilities a person may suffer thru time.

We find it beneficial and it gives a lot expertise in the youngsters. Many of us discovered from this film. It informs the junior in such a way of making each of them find themselves throughout the role of each character in the film and figure out, with the own understanding and knowledge, the concept that the film ought the people to know and understand.

That is, to esteem each and every person living in our planet because all things considered, nobody’s perfect. We are all eligible for be make a few mistakes and thus we have to feel free for making mistakes. We have to never evaluate anyone mainly because we just knew what they’ve carried out or what they’re dealing with yet, we never realized the true tale behind all of those. I locate myself similar to Gil Bustamante because Exactly like Gil, My spouse and i am determined to share every piece of me personally with all of humanity if in this way, I can help every person to boost the way they live, the way they find life as well as the way that they fight for that. Just like Mr.

Bustamante, I actually believed that what has to be done. I will also sacrifice just to surface finish a documented like that mainly because I know that in that way, I am able to help a large number of people. I was stricken by fact that the V in the subtitle of the film (Si Heidi, dans le cas ou Ivy by si V) stood designed for Vanessa – but for Virgilio “Gil” in fact. This component made me discover why Gil doesn’t want to make take pleasure in with her girlfriend because he loves her, trying to shield her, since the start.

And i also am extremely glad since even though Gil was afraid for acknowledging that he could be also a HIV positive this individual admitted that. Because he knows that it can help towards the youth. If perhaps by possibility, that I have been around in Gil Bustamante’s place, Let me also perform, even worn out, by all means in order to complete my own HIV/AIDS documentary because I know which i can help lots of people.

I will not be self conscious if I include that virus because having that virus is definitely not my personal intention.

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