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The sample in Table one particular was uncharacteristic of the all three samples. Level two MCT reading outcomes for the 2005 institution year exhibited lower reading averages at school one which a new lower percentage of destitute and non-white students.

This was not the case in sample two and 3. In order to confirm these benefits, the 2006 reading scores were compared to those of 2004 and the year 2003. As shown in Table 1, institution two has consistently obtained lower than university one; however , the examining averages for both educational institutions only vary approximately five percent between the years of the year 2003 and 2006. This is not enough of a difference to determine if ethnic qualifications is a significant indication from the difference between reading proficiencies. The investigator also regarded as class size (FTE) as being a factor in the levels of examining achievement.

The quantity of students per teacher (FTE) however would not appear to include any effect on the examining proficiency levels of schools one particular and two since the FTE percentage was the same. Desk 1 Sample One: Studying Averages pertaining to K-2 Educational institutions (Grade 2) ______________________________________________________________________ Examining Impoverished Ethnicity Three Yr FTE Common Students (SES) nonwhite Common ______________________________________________________________________ Institution 1 93 80 54 ~94 12-15 School two 92 74 52 ~89 15 ______________________________________________________________________ Note. The state of hawaii second quality reading normal for Mississippi in 2005 was eighty-eight percent.

Appendix B Browsing Averages for School Selections Serving K-3 Second grade MCT reading averages to get the two sample schools differed greatly for the june 2006 school season. School 1A demonstrated a far lower second grade reading proficiency, as well as a higher SYNS. In contrast, institution 2A a new low SES percentage and higher evaluation results. The proportion of non-white students was close between your two educational institutions, the highest nevertheless was present in school 2A. The FTE in universities one and two differed slightly with school 2A having an average of seventeen pupils per teacher versus fifteen students per teacher in school 1A.

To be able to validate the MCT benefits, the 2005 reading results were when compared with those of 2005 and 2003. The three yr average of second level MCT ratings demonstrates that school 2A has regularly had higher test ratings than institution 1A. This sample displays that the just probable impact on the MCT scores, and reading skills in general is the SES percentage.

Table two Sample Two: Reading Uses for K-3 Schools Grades 2 & 3 ______________________________________________________________________ Reading Destitute Ethnicity Three Year FTE Average Learners (SES) nonwhite Average ______________________________________________________________________ 2nd third 2nd 3rd _____________ ____________ School 1A 79 75 94 51 80 ~75 15 Institution 2A 80 98 73 54 ~96 ~95 seventeen ______________________________________________________________________ Take note. The state second grade reading average for Mississippi in 2005 was eighty-eight percent. The third quality reading average for Mississippi was eighty-four percent.

Appendix C Browsing Averages intended for School Selections Serving K-5 The following table demonstrates the reading proficiency in the college samples providing kindergarten through fifth grade. The initial test had results which were much the same and therefore were difficult to compare, thus the researcher looked at the MCT results of another institution. As someone can see from Table 3, there is a major difference between schools 1B and 2B and educational institutions 3B and 4B. The percentage of nonwhite students is comparable between all schools, indicating that ethnicity was not a crucial element in the results of the MCTs.

A major sign of the differences in MCT results was the SES percentage. In particular, the schools while using highest SYNS, the higher percentage of indigent students, performed drastically lower than the schools having a lower SYNS. This has been a frequent trend within the last three years out of all schools in the sample. The FTE was seventeen for a lot of except one of the four colleges. This could indicate that the larger students-per-teacher rate did not have an influence within the MCT browsing results.

Desk 3 Reading Averages to get K-5 Universities Grades 2 & several. Reading Destitute Ethnicity Three Year FTE Average Pupils (SES) non-white Average ______________________________________________________________________ 2nd 3rd 2nd 3rd _____________ ____________ School 1B 91 ninety five 53 54 ~91 97 17 College 2B 93 96 57 53 95 97 17 School 3B 67 seventy seven 99 52 ~70 81 15 School 4B 69 77 91 53 ~69 ~72 17 ______________________________________________________________________ Note. The state second grade examining average intended for Mississippi in 2005 was eighty-eight percent.

The third quality reading average for Mississippi was eighty-four percent.

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