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Rushdie, Salman. “Abortion in India”. Essays. 2nd Edition. Kelly, Joseph. New York; Norton, 08. 279-282. Print. The articles topic is approximately the tragedy of illigal baby killing of feminine fetuses in modern day India.

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I believe mcdougal is trying to state that unneeded abortions really are a type of genocide and a real tragedy. Demonstrating points in both sides saysing that having female abortions could actually be helpful in that it will decrease overpopulation. He then argued against this belief by proclaiming that in one generation’s period there would be a lady shortage which could cause various problems, including increasing the sexism of Indian society and question India of all the so-called wonderful issues that women have to give you. The most interesting part of this essay was where Rushdie states that, “…Fundamentally it’s the result of modern technology being put at the assistance of medieval social attitudes”.

I found this to be a extremely insightful range and thought it summed up the injury in an interesting and thoughtful approach. Although Rushdie is pro-choice, it does not mean he helps women having an illigal baby killing simply beacuse they don’t want to have a daughter. What should be done if a women uses her electricity over her own body system to discriminate againt feminine fetuses? Even though he aspects a womans right to decided to go with, he as well strongly is convinced that this practice is both immoral and unethical. I did not find any kind of sections of this kind of essay being confusing or problematic.

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