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The ready-made clothes industry is definitely one among the globalized companies of the world. However the Ready–Made Garments (RMG) sector has come about as the greatest earner of foreign currency.

The RMG sector features experienced an exponential expansion since the eighties. Worldwide, this sector leads to significantly to the GDP. 1950 was the starting of RMG in the Western world. The MFA (multi fiber agreement) which was manufactured in 1974 imposed an export rate 6th percent maximize every year by a growing country to a developed region. China is one of the main ready-made outfit exporting nation. In the early 1980s Bangladesh started getting investment inside the RMG sector. Some Bangladeshis received free of charge training from the Korean Business Daewoo. Inside the 1980s, there are only 55 factories using only a few 1000 people. Presently, there are 4490 manufacturing models. The RMG sector leads to around 76 percent to the total foreign trade earnings. This sector also contributes around 13 percent to the GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT, which was only around a few percent in 1991. RMG items are released mainly for the United States of America and the European Union. In the estimated 4. 2 , 000, 000 people utilized in this sector, about 50 % of them are females from rural areas. In 2000, the industry composed of some 3 thousands factories applied directly more than 1 . 5 million employees of whom almost 80 percent were female. USA may be the largest importer of Bangladeshi RMG goods, followed by Germany, UK, France and other EUROPEAN countries.

Recent activity shows that India and Pakistan are two biggest threats for Bangladesh RMG and textile market. Because, the readymade clothes industry offers played a substantial role in the Indian and Pakistani economy.

Intended for Bangladesh the readymade clothing sector may be the golden goose. The region has come about as the second largest vendre of readymade garment items trailing simply behind China. Bangladesh came into the apparel export market in 1978 with only nine units and earned US$ 0. 069 million. During the last three decades, this sector has achieved an outstanding growth as a result of policy support of the government and more importantly, dynamism of the private sector entrepreneurs along with extremely hardworking workers.

Now the number of RMG units is about 6, 500 and the export earnings possess exceeded US$ 20 billion dollars. Knit garments are exported to 148 countries and woven products to 132 countries. Foreign trade earning could be more than double by the season 2020. But all these expansion and global demands started out after the failure of Jute export (which was the big item in export in the past). Bangladesh’s garment sector provides employment to regarding than three or more. 6 mil workers which usually 2 . almost 8 million are women. Staff in these outfit factories are almost always illiterate. They have very limited familiarity with human legal rights, working conditions and labor standards.

Moreover, a survey located that European and US companies that focus on the apparel market’s value segment plan to grow the talk about of their sourcing from Bangladesh to twenty-five to 32 per cent by simply 2020, by an average of twenty per cent now. Bangladesh is currently trying to diversify its marketplaces to include Japan, Australia and also other important intercontinental markets.

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