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Border Security, Illegal Immigration, Hurricane Katrina, Global Warfare

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The actual ID Action is regarded as pointless and worthless, time and money eating. Based on these arguments, several states have already refused the implementation in the Real ID Act on their territory and in many other claims there are pending bills about the non-implementation with the Act (Behreadt, 2007). Naturally , there are states such as Washington dc or Ny which support the rendering of the True ID Action, but their number is significantly smaller than the number of states that contain already refused to put into practice the new laws.

Establishing a national identity card symbolizes one of the measures taken by the American federal government to create a cctv surveillance society when the government can have access to all type of data regarding a person under the reason of fighting against terrorism. Actually it is not likely that the Actual ID Work will discourage terrorism, since terrorists is going to continue to find ways to get hold of identification. The actual ID Take action is obviously directed against immigrants, would you have to present extensive documents for obtaining ID greeting cards and driver’s licenses. Besides, those that might not have their beginning certificates might also have superb problems getting a Real IDENTIFICATION and this can be specifically difficult for anyone affected by Storm Katrina, such as. The Real ID Act continues to be controversial and it will most likely much more than 2009 to apply it in all states, if such a specific thing is possible in the modern form of the Act.


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