Reason for Seeking a College Degree Essay

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The purpose of this kind of essay is usually to discuss why I chose to get a college level, my learning style since discovered by the results of questionnaires, as well as the fact that I believe the the desired info is accurate for me personally. Everyone has their particular individual factors behind pursuing a college degree.

For me, it is the aspire to become a condition Game Warden after heading off from the armed forces. Being a state Game Warden requires that we have a diploma in the neurological or animals sciences. In a profession such as this, it is important that you have a clear and concise comprehension of wildlife biology at a collegiate level. To be a practical candidate through this profession, a school degree is important to present me as a competitive individual intended for the job My spouse and i am aiming to fill.

Regardless of whether I have on the job training or perhaps experience, the college degree displays that I have the knowledge base to help me personally succeed being a warden. The end goal during my pursuit of a school degree should be to not only increase my range of knowledge and skills, but to unlock job aspirations that might otherwise always be unattainable for me without a degree. But before I put the basket before the horse, graduating with degree available requires I truly know myself inside and out. Quite simply I need to determine what my personal learning style is definitely. Learning designs are not precisely chosen, they may be natural and inherent to every single learner.

According to Felder & Soloman (n. deb. ) there are many different learning styles: Effective, Reflective, Visual, Auditory, Tactile, Sensing, Intuitive, Verbal, Continuous and Global. To find out what style of student you will be, a simple questionnaire or to discover can be delivered to narrow these types of options down. In acquiring Felder & Soloman’s Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire (n. g. ) and the Learning Design Inventory (Penn State, 2010) questionnaire, There are that I was an active spanish student and a visible learner. The learner is one who gravitates toward interpretation, comprehending, and retaining information in a hands on or active trend.

In other words they discuss or perhaps apply and explain the knowledge to others (Felder & Soloman, n. d. ). The amount program My spouse and i am enrolled in is on the web; which gives me with challenges and difficulties in using the active learning style that I normally rely upon. A substitute for active learning for me is visual, that can serve myself well mainly because online course material is something I can see to translate and retain.

Visual students are individuals who absorb and keep information efficiently through strategies such as charts, diagrams, photographs, films or demonstrations (Felder & Soloman, n. m. ). Recommendations for success as being a visual novice include publishing out concepts and information for memorization and fully utilizing most course elements, whether they are maps, memory cards, charts or filmstrips (Penn State, 2010). I am someone who constantly reads the directions just before completing any kind of task, consequently this suits me correctly. I completely agree with the results of these questionnaires. We am a mechanic- somebody who works day in and day out with my hands.

The things I i am trying to complete or figure out require me personally to read text messages, diagrams and pictures and resolve the problem applying these solutions. I also discuss and apply the info found with those who are masters of the auto mechanic profession. My own reasons for looking for a college level are simple. I must hold by minimum in Bachelor’s in the wildlife or perhaps biological sciences to reach my goal of being a state Game Warden after retirement through the military. To achieve success in this ensures that I understand We am a visual and lively learner, because realized following taking the learning styles questionnaires.

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