Reasons for Being in College Essay

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If your child ever demands, “Why should I go to college or university? ” here are five factors! 1 . Make more money. People who graduate from college earn more income than those with just a high school graduation diploma. A lot more money, truly.

People with a school degree make around $1, 100 weekly. Someone having a high school degree or diploma makes merely $638. 2 . Have more option. People who go to college clear their options for jobs. Many jobs these days demand a college degree.

In addition, college teachers have significantly less chance of losing their careers. In 2009, there was 9. six million out of work high school participants, compared with a few. 2 , 000, 000 college participants without careers. 3. Help to make connections.

In college, students make new friends and other connections which will be helpful the moment it’s time to get started within a career. These friends earning in school will help them get careers, and these types of connections and networks will help them through their lives. 4. Live a better and more content life. Studies have shown that college graduates are much healthier and are less likely to obtain divorced.

The divorce price for university graduates whom married among 1990 and 1994 is about 25 percent. That’s compared with much more than 50 percent for the people without a 4 year college degree. As well as, people with simply a high school diploma are nearly twice as probably in lesser health than college participants. 5. Start a tradition.

Should your child goes to college, your grand kids will be more very likely to go as well: 71 percent of pupils with in least one particular parent who have a bachelor’s degree affect college themselves. Only 21 percent of first-generation pupils (those without having parent whom went past high school) apply to college.

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